anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

hate company law.

I don't know what I hate more: long-ass powerpoint slides or a lousy-ass printer that can't handle printing eighty pages at one shot.

Or maybe I really hate the fact that there's no printer in my room and so I have to go to my mom's room to use the printer, and the printer is positioned in such a way that it pisses me off when the printing fucks up because technology is bleeding stupid.

Or maybe, above all else, I hate the fact that I hate Company law and so have zero notes for it and so have to resort to printing powerpoint slides because 1) I cannot put myself through the torture of making my own notes; 2) the muggers are outdated because the fucking Companies Act is amended every other second; and 3) have I mentioned that I fucking hate Company law with all my heart and soul and thus I cannot stand to read Walter Woon? Well, yeah, there you go.

I'm damn irritated. Just printing the shit for Corporate Governance is enough to make me this annoyed. Why do I bother capitalising 'corporate governance'? It's not like I remotely give a damn about it, or about the protection of creditors, or about shares and debentures, or about company law, period.

Have I mentioned...oh yeah, I have already mentioned that I hate company law (note the absence of capitalisation). With 9 out of 10 law students wanting to go into corporate practice, you really, really do not need to put people like me through this abominable, detestable and indescribably torturous...torture of taking a company law exam. Or taking company law, period. It's possibly the most pointless thing I've ever had to do, trumping even mathematics and science, a possibility I never knew was even conceivable until company law was forced down my throat.

If only I truly didn't give a damn. If I truly didn't give a damn, I'd saunter into the fucking exam hall without a single sheet of notes and scribble a bunch of shit and not care at all when I fail. But because it makes no sense to waste my dad's CPF money on getting a rotten degree, I have to make myself get that default C grade. OH MY GOD, I am bitching about what a pain in the ass it is for me to do whatever I have to to get a C. Am I the only one who sees how inherently wrong this is?

Next Tuesday really, really couldn't come fast enough. How perfect it'd be to fast-forward through these few days and find myself having lunch with my mom on her birthday, just like that.

I'm convinced that I'm the laziest person in law school. People complain about how slow they are in their studying, how inefficient, whatever; I complain about how I'm not studying and how lazy I am. It's called getting your just desserts, moron. And the fact that you just used that horrible, stupid cliche goes further to show how truly moronic you are.

I can't remember if I've written about how stupid I think the phrase 'have your cake and eat it' is, so what the hell. It really doesn't make any sense if you pause before you utter it and think about it. What's the point of buying a cake? To eat it, of course. What's the point to the existence of a cake? To be eaten by people who paid for it or baked it or received it. So if I have a cake, of course I'm going to eat it; that's the whole reason I even have that cake. To have a cake and not eat it, thereby leaving it to rot somewhere, is a totally blatant display of Food Wasting, and we all know how wrong Food Wasting is. So if you wanna tell me that I'm 得寸进尺 (de cun jin chi, in case the Chinese doesn't show), you really ought to find a better way of phrasing it than 'have your cake and eat it'. Think about the poor starving children in Africa, and tell me again if I shouldn't eat the cake that I have.

I have no idea what the hell I'm ranting about.

Okay. I just talked to Mag on the phone and I'm feeling much better now so I'm going to stop ranting and start reading my corporate governance ntoes (still refuse to capitalise) and get back my zen-ness and not worry and trust in my own abilities. Yes.

There's Veronica to watch tonight and Rui said it was the best episode of this season and I trust her judgement (refuse to spell it the law way) so all is good.

requires chinese simplified encoding

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