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Veronica Mars 3-09: Spit and Eggs; and new layout.

I tried posting this last night when I lost connection to some random wireless network I was leeching off.

Re Veronica Mars 3x09, "Spit and Eggs":

(standard spoiler warnings apply)

Oh man.

That was one hell of an awesome episode.

It was so scary, my heart broke for LoVe, and Logan the Obligatory Psychotic Jackass is back. I totally laughed at the scene where he was smashing the police car's windscreen. And that second-last scene when Logan was thrown into prison with Mercer and moe? That smothering look of anger was so damn sexy.

And that scene at the party, post break-up, when Veronica turns around and sees Logan, and she goes over and says hey, and he says hey back, and they just stand around, looking at each other. That was the most perfect LoVe scene of the entire season.

Just. Wow. I don't think I can sleep tonight.

And I totally forgot that Moe was part of the prison experiment until I read about it on TWoP. Ahh this show is so totally genius, and so much smarter than me.

And, and, damn is it next Wednesday yet?

And poor Dean. Oh my god. I thought he'd shoot like his wife or Landry; I didn't see him getting shot coming at all.

And I laughed when the Dean made the announcement over Piz's radio show about how the Greek system was reinstated because the person who voted to abolish it leased out the property to whoever and so there was conflict of interest, whatever. Haha. Um, yeah, I'm really lame.

Incoherent entry. I love Veronica Mars.


Methinks the new layout shows how much I've been studying. Um, yeah. It kinda works on Firefox, save for the stupid scrollbar which somehow isn't capable of being positioned in the entry area itself. But the fact that the text shows up properly is enough cause for celebration.

I so so so love Stereophonics. The picture is from their CD inlay which I scanned after being unable to find one online of decent quality and a certain size. The words are from their songs. Everything is ripped off from them. I wanna marry Kelly Jones. I apologise if the image takes ages to load but yeah I was too lazy to resize the picture 'cause I didn't want to make the text area any smaller than it already is.

And if I don't stop typing now, I'm gonna be late to meet Mag. I'm amazed I managed to pull myself off the bed at like, 11.10 a.m. Props to me.

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