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it's good to have friends that make you laugh.

I got back from watching Tris at the Word of Mouth competition hours ago and all I've done since getting back is watch an episode of Gilmore Girls which almost bored me to tears and looked at stuff on SG sell trade. My point is? I'm totally not studying. Inertia has seized my heart and it's refusing to let go. Screw you, Inertia.

I'm really glad I went with Mag today. I was very proud of my dear friend Tris for being the person with the most understated humour - which happens to be the kind of humour I like, so I'm totally not biased - and for being the wittiest person there, hands down, no contest, et cetera. I think he was the youngest person there too. Were you? Well, he was definitely the cutest guy amongst all the male contestants, and out of 7 finalists, there was like a grand total of ONE woman (and she was fucking boring, no shit). But maybe comparing his looks to most of the male finalists is an insult to him. Hmm.

One shouldn't argue with a compliment, though. So yeah. Anyway, Tris almost won. There were 7 people there but the fight was really between him and the guy that won. And I chalked the result down (up? I still can't figure this out) to a different style of humour. Tris is understated, witty, while the winner is abrasive and dramatic and sometimes over-the-top. Both made me laugh, but truth be told, and I'm not saying this just because Tris is a friend, I'd find it a total chore to sit through an hour of the winner's...well, histrionics, ha ha. It can get obnoxious and tiring after a while. Tris, on the other hand, doesn't overwhelm you with how funny he is; he coaxes you towards the punchline and then delivers and the result is, I think, more satisfying than someone screaming in your face at the top of his lungs once every five seconds.

The point is, Tris is a funny guy, and he's funny because he's witty. Everyone can be funny, but not everyone can be witty. He's probably disappointed and hell I'd be disappointed too if I were in his position, but I think he achieved a lot today and he should be very proud of himself. Props to Tris.

Also, another reason why I was glad I went was because I had a very good time being absolutely horrified by the kind of things Singaporeans laugh at, and the kind of things Singaporeans think are funny. For the prepared speech part, only two people made me laugh (as for the first dude who exposed his tummy to the entire world and danced some pseudo-Indian shit on stage, I was laughing at him, not with him). For the impromptu, only four people made me laugh. And most of the time I was laughing when no one else was laughing. And like, I don't even remember most of what they said; it was just a blur of unfunny non-jokes and some weird made-up history lesson and a lot of things that didn't make sense. It was an eye-opener, that's for sure. It seems in vogue now to bash the elite and yeah, that's really funny, haha, but it'd be funnier to turn the tables around and start bashing the heartlanders. But of course, it's not politically correct to do so, but for some reason it's SO politically correct the other way round.

And anyway, I don't even believe Singapore has any elites so whatever.

I'd also like to say that one of the judges is totally, TOTALLY hot. He spoke such perfect English and he was so well-dressed and he has such a nice voice. And this reminds me of this woman who kept harassing Tris about some Christmas party that she was throwing and whether or not he was going, and it wasn't enough that she asked him once; after the whole event ended, she came up to Mag and I and asked if "Trix" was going. Is it just me or was she totally hitting on him? Bwahahaha. Like I said, he was the cutest guy amongst all the finalists.

I also got to exchange more than two sentences with Kyle (not Carl or Karl!) and I found out that he's really smarmy. Oh, wait, does this count as slandering unknowing individuals on my blog? On second thought, who cares. That really smarmy thing he said can actually be construed another way but because I'm a really nice person, I'll just keep it to myself. Ultimately, laughter and fun were had by all so all is good, and all that.

Mag and I were camera whoring at Coffee Bean earlier on. We haven't cam-whored in the longest time so that was fun. Too bad I haven't been using my camera which means I haven't been charging the battery which then translates to I haven't been arsed bringing it out. Oh well. And...oh, yes, I had my first soy latte and I really liked it but the next time I order it I'll ask for unsweetened soy milk and if they don't have it, I'll tell them to go to hell.

Just kidding. I was wondering why my stomach didn't feel odd after the latte, like it always does, then I remembered that the soy milk was lactose-free. Wahoo. It'd so totally help me go the vegan route one day, if I ever want to.

As much as I love Stereophonics, enough to make an entire layout out of their CD artwork and lyrics, I have to say that they have shitty lyrics. They have good stand-alone lines, like "You don't know what it's been like/Meeting someone like you" from Superman and "'Cause all I wanna do is get closer to you/'Cause all I wanna do is make a mess outta you" from Doorman, but these two songs are also about really stupid things. Doorman is more or less about how Kelly Jones wants a bouncer to "suck [his] banana...with cream". Seriously. Superman isn't that bad, but I was expecting some torrid love-gone-wrong song after hearing that gritty first line. It turned out it was basically about some super asshole he met or something along those lines. And they have a song called Lolita but it has nothing to do with the novel or lolitas in general, and according to the explanatory notes (I can't get these law phrases out of my head. Help) they randomly gave the song a one-word title, the alternatives being Coffee and something else. Really meaningful, it is, /sarcasm.

So my conclusion is obvious: I love Stereophonics for the riffs. Oh, yes. Listen to Doorman, Superman, Devil (currently stuck in my head and I'm soooo in lurve <3), Pedalpusher. All really great songs. Dakota actually kinda sticks out like a sore thumb in the whole album because it's so different, even in the lyrical sense because it has really good lyrics, but I love it, still.

I'm shutting up about Stereophonics now.

Lastly, I'd like to post an observation I made about myself. I apologise if it's Too Much Info, but then again, when have I ever given a shit about such things? So, here goes. Brace yourself:

I have no cleavage. In a hypothetical situation in which I hypothetically want to wear a hypothetical low-cut blouse, I couldn't even begin to hypothetically do so because I have no cleavage. I never thought I had big boobs; they've always been of a right size, meaning they're proportionate to my, you know, overall body size and all that. But for some reason, I have noticed recently, with a certain degree of alarm, that I seriously do not have boobs. It's not even about having no cleavage, because really, one implies the other: If you have no cleavage, you have no boobs.

So I should say: I have no boobs. Is it because I've been losing weight? Does the size of one's breasts shrink when one loses weight? Shit, I KNEW I should've paid attention in those boring-ass Biology Molly Leong lessons in secondary school.

Don't laugh at me, okay? I failed my Science. I had a D7. It then follows that I have no knowledge whatsoever about how one's body works.

Damn, I wish I had a cleavage. I have no interest in wearing push-up bras because they just make your chest look all disproportionate to the rest of your body, which is gross as hell, and they're also super uncomfortable to boot. That, and they invite unwanted stares from leery old men on buses which is definitely no picnic. Maybe I should pull a "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret" (if you've never read the book, too damn bad 'cause I'm not explaining the reference).

On second thought, hell no. It's way too retarded, even for me. And heck, I'm 20, not fucking 13. Or 12. Or 14. Or whatever.

You know, Yelen, you kind of have this thing called Company Law Exam OMG on Tuesday, which means you should be doing this thing called Studying, like what everyone else is doing. Mag was kinda right: You should at least try to measure up.

Yeah lah but I'm like damn lazy leh. And Company sucks lor. How ah?

Times are truly bad when I answer the voices in my head in Singlish.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking very hard of how to formulate a sentence in authentic Singlish before opening my mouth to say it/typing it out. At confusing times like now, when I'm answering myself in Singlish, I find that fact very, very heartening.

I'm gonna get another cup of coffee, then I'm gonna try to study. Wahoo. Bring out the balloon animals.

Wait, before that, I'd like to say that I love Veronica Mars very, very much.

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