anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

hate company law, part the second.

After two days of attempted studying, I'm still reading my corporate governance powerpoint slides. I spent my whole day looking at stuff on SG sell trade and wanting desperately to shop. I think I should just keep my laptop shut down.

company law is the most boring shit in the world, bar none. It's boring, and it's utterly pointless. Oh wait, you mean I've bitched about this already, and at length, too? Um, oops.

Since I'm not deriving any perverse joy out of bitching about company law, I shan't do it anymore. Joyless bitching is pointless, because the fun in the bitching lies in the fun of the bitching. And I just realise that makes no sense. Whatever.

So yeah. I wanted to mention this yesterday but I forgot. Tris described my blog as "vitriolic". I can swear that Khai used that word to describe my blog a year ago. Despite the way I'm representing myself online, I'm actually a really, really nice person. Seriously. Just ask anyone.

Will stop digging that grave before I fall irrevocably into it.

Need to shop.

Need money.

Need rich boyfriend.

I wish tomorrow was Tuesday. At the rate I'm going, no matter what I half-heartedly try to, I'm getting a C for company anyway, so having an extra day to torture myself over this bullshit is really, really excruciatingly sadistic. I can feel my brain cells dying one by one the more I stare at my notes and sense nothing going in. It's like trying to jack a guy off for like half an hour and somehow that guy simply refuses to come, for some reason or other. You know? Probably not, and neither would I know, but yeah.

My dirty analogies only go to show that I've been hanging out with the wrong people. I'm actually really pure and innocent. Yep.

Loved this Logan line from the latest Veronica Mars: "He's a master debater." I think that was the second masturbation pun used on the show. The first one was in a season two episode (I think it was Plan B) where Corny went, "I'm the master bait!" HAHAHA. I thought that was hilarious. It's much better than 'master debater'.

I need to cut my hair.

I'm bummed that we're not getting a third mystery arc for the last bit of Veronica Mars. Bleah. The things we do for ratings. What the fuck. Believe it or not, the main reason I love it the way I do is because the mystery arcs are always compelling and suspenseful, and the pay off is always completely worth it. So now after the second arc we're gonna get stand-alone mysteries and I'm just not that excited anymore. I just never expected Rob Thomas to sell out for ratings like that. Disappointing.

My holidays are gonna be VM-less because the show's on hiatus until January. I'm gonna have to settle for re-watching my DVDs again again again again again...then.

I need soy milk. Regular milk seriously fucks up my stomach. I went to bed this morning at 4 with my stomach feeling all funky and it really wasn't fun at all. And I don't understand the facts of 90% of company law cases and I don't understand the technical shit and I don't care at all and I think companies should just, like, die, evaporate, or something and leave me alone. Mag updated her blog three times today. That truly goes to show how compelling company law is to all of us.

Screw this shit.

I'm never buying Ben and Jerry's home ever again. I finished about a third of a pint of strawberry cheesecake (guess who ate the rest? Clue: he's 16 and shares my surname and he's a pig) by myself over the span of five days and now I feel like a fucking whale. Ugh. Die tummy, die. No one wants you around. If only I could transfer the fats from my tummy to my chest, I'd be quite happy.

Okay, just to explain briefly what inspired yesterday's cleavage talk: I wanted to wear this Esprit low-cut green babydoll top and I usually wear it with this white tube underneath. I couldn't find my white tube, so I thought, Eh, I'll just see how low-cut it is; maybe I'll wear it without the tube. So I put it on, looked at myself in the mirror, and almost fainted. Where a cleavage should be, there was barren nothingness. If I were even skinnier, I swear you'd be able to see my fucking sternum. What's even more disgusting than a girl who flaunts her boobs? A girl who flaunts her non-existent cleavage.

Ergo, I dumped the top back into my closet and grabbed a random skirt and t-shirt.

And speaking of skirts, I've been wearing a lot of jeans lately and I was totally forced to do. All the skirts I wear on a regular basis are too damn big. I wore this army green Esprit skirt yesterday and it was long. It never used to be that long. It's devastating. I need to buy clothes. I have a grand total of four pairs of jeans that I'd wear and only one of them, which I've worn to death, still kind of fits without looking like it's wearing me. The new pair of jeans hasn't been altered and because of the retarded company law exam, I haven't sent it for alteration. Sooner or later I'm gonna find myself cooped up at home because I don't have anything to wear, because nothing fits anymore. How tragic.

Next subject: My brother. I find it absolutely amazing that he hasn't been out of the house since November 26, and he only got out of the house on that day because we had a family lunch. Can you believe it? He's 16 and his best friend is his COMPUTER. He totally has no life. When I was 16, I thought I didn't have a life; and now, my brother is totally kicking my ass. Why does he insist on kicking my ass in areas that really don't need any ass-kicking, and when it comes to things that could use some ass-kicking on his part, he's completely tardy? He's weird. I didn't leave the house at all today and already I'm suffering from cabin fever. I'm DYING. The only thing that'd keep me from going out every day after the exams is a severe lack of money - even then, all I gotta do is tell my mom, "Mom, I have no money", and presto! Problem solved.

My brother is a weirdo. He's a pig. He eats a disgusting amount of ice-cream and he doesn't get fat. He eats McDonalds at 11 p.m. and he doesn't get fat. Life is fucking unfair. He doesn't even exercise any other part of his body besides his fingers (to play computer games, duh). While yours truly, on the other hand, has to swim three times a week for a few months before she managed to lose weight, and even then, she lost weight in all the wrong places - namely, everywhere EXCEPT her disgusting tummy. UGH.

Shit man, I need like soy milk lah. The stupid milk in my consecutive cups of coffee is making my stomach all funky again. Bleah.

I think I should go back to corporate governance. Yep. This entry is useless.

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