anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

the things i do for a pass.

1. My mom bought me soy milk from Marigold, reduced sugar 'cause I'm extremely paranoid about packing on the pounds, and I put it in my coffee and it's the most vile and disgusting thing I've ever tasted. Marigold soy milk sucks. I'll stick to regular milk for now.

2. I wanted to stay up until 7 a.m. this morning reading my notes but I almost fell asleep at my desk at 5.30 a.m. and so I decided to go to bed. But what do you know, my brain decided to fuck with me and it refused to stop working and leave me alone no matter how damn smashed I was and so I didn't actually fall asleep until after 7 a.m. I wanted to go to school today to get notes and shit but I only managed to drag myself up from bed at 2 and by then it was too late. Life sucks. It really does.

3. I can't study in the afternoon, i.e. now. It's amazing. I don't know why it is that I could finish the barest minimum I need to know for Shares and Debentures in two hours at 4 a.m. this morning, and actually understood what I was reading OH MY GOD!, but can't focus on reading 16 pages of maintenance of capital now. I'm really screwed for protection of creditors/maintenance of capital/same difference in my opinion. I have NO NOTES. AT ALL. All I have is WMS' stuff and MO's syllabus, and Mag's summary of MO's article that she very kindly sent me (I'm forever indebted!) Think I can pass using just these? Argh. If I get anything less than a C, I will just die.

4. I have never relied so heavily on other people as I have now. An SOS call at 3 a.m. led to a dissemination (um, of sorts) of some really heavy-duty and concise notes, and I'm like, Shit lah what happened to relying on no one but yourself, Self? But I'm also extremely grateful, and I have the most handy excuse ever to fall back on: It's Company Law And I Fucking Hate It, So There. Surprisingly though, the whole charges thing wasn't as irritating as I'd thought it was. And I honestly never knew that everything was in WMS' powerpoint slides. It shows how much attention I've been paying in lectures.

5. Exams make you waste money. Post-Property and pre-Company, I've confirmed five deals on SG Sell Trade. Just by locking myself up at home in a valiant but futile attempt to study for something as dreadful and abominable as company law, I've wasted $70 on clothes that I don't even know for sure fit me. SHIT I HATE EXAMS. I totally blame Company for this, I really do. If it weren't for how stuffy and shit-boring it is and how it incites a feral rage and hatred in me, I swear there's no way I'd be spending my studying time refreshing SG Sell Trade every 10 minutes to check for new posts. This proves it, then: I have no life. I need to go shopping on Wednesday. I wanna to go Forever 21. I've never shopped there before, can you believe it? 'Cause I can't.

6. I just laughed very loudly at a funny email forwarded to me by a very funny person and I think I can go to the exam hall tomorrow and wing it and pass so It's All Good.

7. Back to futile last-minute cramming.

8. Oh yes, I wanted to say, also, that I hate my MP3 player. I'm putting it on Shuffle All and it keeps playing the same damn songs every time I switch it on. What the fuck. Stupid Creative Zen Micro whatever. If it weren't for my fixation with going against the grain, I would've just got an iPod. (No, I didn't buy Creative because I felt nationalistic/patriotic, because I never feel nationalistic/patriotic. And it's stupid to buy a product purely because it's Made In Singapore. Even though the player isn't made in Singapore. Whatever. You get my point.)

9. Okay, I'm done.

Tags: exams, law, law school, neb, shopping

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