anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Another victory.

I won against Olga today, 7-4. I won the tiebreak something like 7-3.

Generally, I played a crappy match. I wasn't feeling my shots at all. My forehand was still at home sleeping, and my backhand was erratic as usual: I would hit a great winner down the line, then hit the next backhand into the net. Although I was pleasantly surprised that my aggressive backhands (cross-court) were finding the line today, I wasn't happy about my forehand's absence and my continued epic level of SUCK at the net. I still cannot believe that I missed this ridiculously easy volley that I really should have made; the ball pretty much floated back, had zero pace, and all I need to do was to just tap it over the net - and I ended up tapping it wide. Quite obviously, I need to work on my netplay.

On a positive note, my serve, of all shots, was actually the hero of the match. It was funny how, at 5-2, Olga thought that it wasn't time to change ends yet as she'd just served, when in fact, I had such a quick service game that she'd forgotten about it. I was making most of my first serves and hitting them quite flat and with some measure of power. She couldn't return most of them, so I got a lot of free points that way, thereby saving me a lot of energy and stress from getting into a rally.

I started off really sluggish; mugged up the warm-up, tried to use my newly restrung racquet but it felt weird, and so I went back to the older one and it got better. When I won the match at 6-2, I thought I would take the new strings for a test run. So I was receiving at 6-2 and ended up giving her a love hold. For some reason, the newness of the strings got into my head; even though it is the exact same racquet and even the same strings but just newly strung, I became more cautious and basically fucked everything up, even swung for a backhand and completely missed the ball.

So I went back to the older one but still lost my last service game. I really wanted the points, though, so I made myself win the bloody tiebreak. I deliberately hit a short forehand just into the service box which she couldn't get to, hit an amazing backhand inside-in return winner, and hit another backhand cross-court winner. It was great. If only my backhand were more consistent; I hit an equal amounts of those kind of aggressive, on-point backhands as I did shitty ones that hit the net. It's all about the footwork and the timing, the footwork that takes me to the ball on time, giving me enough time to set up and unleash.

Anyway. I'm getting bored of this entry and I've got things to do today before my parents arrive tomorrow, such as setting up their room in Wentworth House and moving some things that I'll need over there; they're turning off the water in my building for two weeks, so the college gave us a temporary room in Wentworth House. I'm gonna let my parents sleep in there with the en-suite toilet and I'll sleep in my room with no water. It saves me the trouble of finding a spare mattress, and saves me the pain of sleeping in the same room as my dad and his awful snoring. I also have to return a dress, pick up a top that I ordered from Hobbs London, and meet Matt tonight for drinks.

So to conclude: I'm 4-0 against Olga and am now on a 4-match winning streak, winning 10 of my last 11 matches. Yay!
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