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Parents in Cambridge

Having my parents here has been stressful and great at the same time. It's more great than stressful, and it's also tiring. It's stressful due to my own doing, mostly; such as poor time management, waking up too late, leaving packing and trip details to the last minute...

But it's been nice otherwise. I did the typical Cambridge tourist thing on the first day and brought them to see the colleges. It was too bad that Trinity was closed to all non-Trinity people, as it means that I'll have to make up for this on some other day, thereby taking time away from something potentially more interesting. We had lunch at the Anchor, a pub by the river opposite Queens, and the food was pretty amazing; my baked camembert with pecans, some kind of herb and red peppers was absolutely delicious. My parents liked the food that they ordered too: fish and chips and some kind of chicken.

Today, I took them on a walk along the river. The plan was to walk a bit further, into the little meadows, but the plan failed. Not only did I wake up too late, but I also really had to pee, AND I had to meet my supervisors at 2pm, so time was a bit tight. The plan was also to go to Chinese Snacks to eat dumplings, but this plan also failed because the place is closed on Tuesdays. We went to Aromi at Grafton instead; my first time at Aromi, ever. The pizzas were good. The vegetariana was way better than the margherita.

Supervisors' meeting was better than I'd expected, but then, I always expect the worst. They liked the draft; said it was my best work to date. I was candid about why I didn't submit a revised chapter 3, said that I lost motivation, wasn't sure if I wanted an academic job, etc. They gave helpful advice, so I'm glad that was discussed.

This was followed by tea at Harriet's Tea Room. Scones are just the best thing that the English have to offer to the world in terms of food. Barry came by and sat with us and talked to my parents. He was very keen to meet them. I was really impressed by what an excellent conversationalist he was. I think my dad wouldn't have objected to him if we were dating. High praise!

This entry is short because I am very freaking tired. I will end this by saying that I met Matt very briefly, for 3 minutes, at about 8pm, to give him some pineapple tarts that my mom made. I'd already thought doing this when he gave us free food yesterday. It says a lot about how much like my mom I am that she told me to give him my share of the tarts (my share because they were all meant for me). I was going to give them to him in the morning when buying coffee, but he was busy fixing the grinder that someone had broken. I even asked, 'Are you busy, Matt? Do you have a second?' He didn't. Later, he texted to say sorry about that, etc., and I arranged to meet him after he was off work.

I don't know why I said 'I'll miss you' just before he went off. Will I really miss him? Even if I would miss him, why even say it? I opened my mouth and words came out; it was almost as if I was acting according to a script. I really regret it. I wish I hadn't said it.

Somehow, I keep expecting more from him. I'm not sure what, exactly; some sense of urgency to see me, I suppose. I'm still rather confused by him. I don't know what he's after, what he's thinking. Of course, there's that gigantic elephant in the room which we haven't talked about. He seems to really like me from what he said on Saturday night, but I don't feel it from his actions.

Anyway. I'll just see how this goes. It's still early days anyway.

On a brighter note, it was nice to kiss him again.
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