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new hair, oh my god.

I cut my hair today and I got bangs and now I look even younger than ever. Blame it on the big eyes, the puffy/fat cheeks, the complete lack of any semblance to cheekbones whatsoever: I've been stuck all my life looking younger than I really am, and now I simply look like a kid. Or: I look like a doll. More accurately: I look like a deformed doll, rejected by Mattel because I would scare all the kids to death if I were allowed to be sold in all major retail stores. Of all the risks in the world I could take, I chose to get bangs. I think I'm retarded.</p>

Here's some ocular proof:

Sigh. I like it and I don't like it. I like it because it's different, I don't like it because I look like a kid. When you're 20 it's really time to get away from the whole sweet, innocent image and just go for something...I don't know, sexier, edgier, hotter. I don't exactly want to be Rainie Yang, you know? In fact, Rainie Yang makes my stomach turn every single time I look at her.

Well, the good news is, I went to Salon Esprit for the cut and the girl who cut my hair was really sweet and nice. She had bangs too and after showing her Alexis Bledel's bangs on my laptop (yes I brought my laptop along with me), I said, "Yeah, I think I want something like yours." But somehow, my bangs turned out quite differently from 1) Alexis'; and 2) my stylist's. I think I'm cursed for life to eternal dissatisfaction with the way my hair looks. I think, too, that I started one of my entries here with a line that goes something like, "My hair is the ugliest thing to ever walk the face of the earth." Well, yeah.

The cut cost $38. And it was after a 20% discount.

Vivo City sucks major ass.

Gap sucks even more ass. Why the fuck do we bother with Gap when the clothes are plain and fugly as hell? The Americanisation of Singapore is really quite disgusting.

I was super late for driving this morning. For some reason I booked a bloody 9.50 a.m. slot. That's all well and good, 'cause usually I manage to wake up in time to be on time for such obscene timings; but this morning, I woke up at 9.35 a.m. Why? 1) I slept at close to 5 a.m. and so I went back to sleep when I opened my eyes and checked my watch at 9.06 a.m., banking on the faith that my mom would wake me up shortly; and 2) my mom forgot to wake me up. How fantastic. Did final theory practice after that and I failed all three booklets and every single time I got 10 questions wrong. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Final theory is so much harder than law school exams.

Dizzy by the Goo Goo Dolls has been stuck in my head for the past two days. "You're monochrome, delirious, you're nothing that you seem." "You're dirty and you're sweet, you know you're everything to me."

Have I mentioned before that I think Johnny Rzeznik is hot, too? I think I spelled his name correctly. I'm pretty much sick of most of the songs from "Dizzy Up the Girl" but I still love songs like Dizzy, Slide, Iris, Hate This Place. Black Balloon too, occasionally. Johnny R. has the same sexy, raspy voice as Kelly Jones - except Kelly's is waaay raspier and thus sexier.

I wanna watch something.

I'm still getting used to my hair.

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