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It's 12.28 a.m. and I have 30 pages of Agency to read and I'm very sleepy and I'm not doing anything. I tried reading the floating/fixed charges case summaries I received in my email but I didn't understand anything and so I said to myself, Fuck lah, just rely on WMS's powerpoint slides.

I haven't re-visited the M&A rubbish, all that shit about procedure and meetings and whatever. Really boring nonsense. It's supposedly a no-brainer but the process of getting round to force myself to read it is extremely excruciating and, well, difficult.

More likely than not I won't be reading it, even though I've been advised otherwise.


This is positively the worst module ever.

My failure to address the fixtures/chattels issue for the Property paper is still haunting me. When I was trying to sleep at 6.30 a.m. yesterday, there was this distinct point in time when I almost fell asleep but was jolted wide awake (as wide awake as one could be at 6.30 a.m. after spending five hours reading Company...stuff) when my brain cheerfully decided to remind me that I left out ONE WHOLE ISSUE for the stupid hypothetical. I think this is largely due to the fact that I didn't actually hate Property and so I'd have no excuse anymore if/when I get a C. Ugh. This is irritating and devastating. If only if only if only, and at times like these what Tim Dore said about the 'grammar of tragedy' makes its presence felt, once again.

Need to swim. In fact, am in desperate need of swimming.

Need to shop. I'm dying to brisk walk from one end of Orchard to the other without taking time out to sit down and rest my legs. It's like, fucking awesome exercise, you know? Because it is. And there's air-conditioning so it won't be that hot and everything.

I don't know what I'm talking about. The Agency notes I have are 30 pages long. And they're summaries. This is why people get to be Dean's listers.

Kill me now. I promise my family won't prosecute you under section 300A or 300C or whatever of the Penal Code. Sigh.

Is euthanasia legal anyway? I think it is right?

I ought to stop typing. I want to sleep. Dammit.

Tags: exams, law, law school

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