anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I bloody hate losing.

Just lost a match 7-4. Played against a new opponent. She kept getting the ball back. I wanted to make her run as she is rather on the heavier side, but I couldn't get into any rhythm at all from the ground. I started off really strong; hit four return winners in her service game. Then I served and got broken. And I couldn't break her again at 1-1; kept dumping returns into the net. And then it was all downhill from there.

I was spraying my forehand everywhere like a male porn star.

When I did get to a short ball, I couldn't do anything with it except meekly dump it into the net.

I couldn't even be bothered to serve properly

When I was down 2-5, I just wanted to go home.

I slept late. I couldn't wake up today. I was tired. I wasn't moving my feet. I didn't want to play at all.

But I had to, so I did, and it was a shitfest of a match.

I can't believe how terrible and inconsistent my forehand was.

So this was a poor start to the final round of the summer league. I am currently the top scorer in the entire league and in the ladies' league (obviously, right? How can I have the most points out of everyone but not the ladies?), and I really want to keep my position so that I can win, but this match did not give me any confidence at all.

Perhaps I should want to win more than I don't want to lose.

Perhaps I need to make a distinction between my rallying forehand and my kill-shot forehand. I can't be bashing the shit out of the ball all the time, can I?

So my 6-match winning streak has come to an end. Winning record: 12 of 14.

I'm playing Sylvie on Wednesday evening. The last I played her was in winter and I narrowly won 10-8 in the tiebreak. I'm going have to move my feet and be consistent as hell to beat her. No more useless stupid errors from the forehand; it has to be on point. My backhand was pretty solid today, but Maggie kept hitting to my forehand anyway when she realised that I was leaking errors like a faulty tap from that wing, so there you go.

Fuck, I hate losing. I really hate losing.
Tags: playing tennis

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