anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

luck is never on my side.

IVLE always brings bad news. I'm all alone with no one but myself to be with for Trusts and Equities. I'm forcefully separated from the Sisterhood and I'm the ONLY one in T & E (B). How upsetting. And to be quite frank, I really like the letter A much better than the letter B.</p>

Boo hoo hoo. Cry myself a river now. There are also ten million documents and a thousand folders in the Public Law folder on IVLE and I looked at it and my eyes glazed over and I so don't want school to start. I mean, I never once wanted school to start, but now I don't want school to start even more. Like, I can think of so many disgusting and vile and horrible things I'd rather want than school starting, like...have the entire law school population walk over my corpse for free gum. Yep, that's it. Because dying? So preferable to school starting.

Fuuuck. I have a strong, distinct, clear and unequivocal feeling that the fortuitous A+ I got for CLT would be (actually, will be because it's like how water WILL boil at 100 degrees as opposed to would, even though water BOILS at 100 degrees sounds a lot better) the first, last and only A-something I get in law school. Considering I'm being forced to take modules like Trusts and Equities and that other module that isn't Public Law next semester, I really wouldn't be surprised if I end up staring at 3 C's at the end of Semester 2. Public Law is totally up my alley but studying ain't and using my brains is, like, so difficult and I'm actually a complete bimbo and I can't remember the last time I put effort into anything so school is a total goner, and that's my final answer.

Not very happy right now. Bloody hell. I can't believe I have NO FRIENDS for Trusts.

Okay, so I exaggerate. A couple of people I know are in the same group as me but I wanna be with the Sisterhood! Like, duh. Seriously, I survived Criminal because of Mag, because it was a major relief having her with me, talking crap to me before and after class, MSNing during class, the usual. And Crim didn't need much survival skills because it was Crim and it was the only eight-credit module I liked and didn't get a C for so you know, Semester 2 is gonna suck major balls.

Yada, yada and yada.

So yesterday I hung out with the Sisterhood at Marina Square where we had lunch and nice conversations and then proceeded to shop for about three hours. I was so dead tired after that and I'm very much embarrassed about it. 'Twas great seeing the three of them again, and us four hanging out. We really ought to do this more often. We don't see each other enough during the holidays and I really don't understand why, because I believe unwaveringly (if that's a word) that our friendship is more than a convenient thing. Maybe it started out that way, but it's evolved to something more, something deeper. There aren't many people I know with whom I can be completely comfortable, and I'm completely comfortable with the Sisterhood.

Sigh, I still can't believe I'm not in Trusts with them. ARGH. KILL ME PLEASE.

So that aside, I met Simon for lunch, coffee and ice-cream today. He cracked another super cold joke but sadly I can't remember what it was. He had Haagen-Das and he didn't like it. Haha. But yeah, Ben and Jerry's is way better.

I only have three modules next semester. How fun and exciting, Not. This basically means they'll all be heavy-going which means I'm screwed, so don't bother with the balloon animals, please. I'm still recovering from the C overload I suffered for last semester's exams.

Shall stop talking about school.

And I have nothing else to say.

Tags: friends, law school, mag

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