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basketball fever.

While the rest of the world is drooling over the World Cup, I'm starting to catch NBA fever all over again. My folks subscribed to the sports channels because my brother wants to watch the NBA finals. This morning I was awoken by the distinctive sounds of an NBA match emanating from the television, and I pulled myself out of bed in time to catch the last three-point-something seconds of the Miami v. Dallas match. </p>

It's Game Three and Dallas leads the series 2-0. Dallas plays at Miami's home court and they are down by two. Dirk Nowitzki makes one of two free throws and fouls a Miami player when going for the rebound. 1.04 seconds. The Miami player makes his free throw and they are up by two again.

1 second left on the clock. Dallas is desperate for a draw so that they can go into overtime and try to win it. The ball is in play and a Dallas player hurls it towards another player standing near the basket. He jumps up and tries for an alley oop (i.e. when a player catches the ball in mid-air and dunks it), but a Miami player is in front of him and he jumps even higher and hits the ball away. Miami wins.

Were those really three seconds? This is exactly why basketball is still my sport of choice to watch and occasionally to play. It's exciting and there are things happening virtually every second. It does get irritating for a home viewer when the coaches call time-out every other minute because watching sports advertisements can seriously kill brain cells, but when they are playing the game it's really, really exciting.

The downside is, the matches are broadcasted live at an ungodly hour of 9 a.m. Nevertheless, I will try to get up this Friday to watch.

I don't care for either team though, but since Shaquille O'Neal is in Miami, I'm rooting for them to lose. I actually don't like Nowitzki because he stole the NBA Three-Point Shoot-out Champion title from Peja Stojakovic...I think. I don't remember why I don't like him, but I just don't. And I don't like Dallas' other star player too. Nash is his name.

In fact, come to think of it, I don't like Dallas very much at all. I CAN'T BELIEVE THE SPURS ARE NOT IN THE FINALS. What a travesty.

Some Miami dude scored 42 points which is insane. The NY Times credits him for Miami's win.

Anyway, I'm falling asleep right now. The NY Times has some seriously long articles. Even that article on the Miami/Dallas match is two pages long. Huh.

I may write more later. Driving theory lesson tomorrow. It's so stupid that I have to take lessons when I can just read the handbook by myself. Ugh. Each lesson costs $16.80, too.

Speaking of money, I spent $5.70 today on a cup of coffee at Spinelli's. (I would've got a cheaper, medium-sized one, but the cup was so small that it totally was not worth it.) I can get a cup of coffee of the exact same size in Taipei for $3.

I miss Taipei still.

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