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To anon: Nope I'm not.</p>

I just watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I can't believe that Meredith and Derek had sex. I mean I knew they had sex before I watched it but seeing it for myself almost made me hurl. I cannot stand cheaters and wishy-washy guys and guys who lead people on and Derek is all of those things. Yes he's hot and his eyes are gorgeous but he's a douchebag. For fuck's sake you're married! The least you can do is to, I don't know, divorce your wife or something. Maybe he's trying to do the right thing by sticking with his wife but the fact that he obviously still has feelings for Mehredith (not a typo by the way) and the fact that he doesn't even care for his wife anymore pretty much undermine his "honourable" decision of sticking by his wife.

Ugh, whatever. I preferred Season One even if it was only nine episodes. I wasn't really very sad when Denny died though, for whatever reason. But Alex was so hot in the finale when he picked up Izzy and all.

I finished watching my Buffy Season 1 DVDs over the past three days and I bloody need Season 2 DVDs now. At first I didn't get the Buffy/Veronica Mars comparisons but now I do - both shows have funny, witty dialogue, though I think - objectively - VM beats Buffy in that department. Also, Buffy's later seasons erased my memory of the earlier ones which made me forget how hot David Boreanaz used to be, but now I remember. Oh man Angel is steamin' hot! He's the perfect tortured vampire with a soul.

Yes I dig Buffy a lot. It's awesome.

I have driving theory lesson tomorrow. It's ridiculous that theory lessons are compulsory, because the first one I went for was basically a two-hour indoctrination session on the dangers of reckless driving. Just. Seriously. Stupid.

Lastly, I am quite tired of my life because nothing ever happened and nothing ever happens still.

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