anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

here we go.

Here's an absolute: Menstrual cramps are a pain in the ass.

Ouch ouch ouch. Now I know why I was moody the whole of yesterday. This probably explains the pounding headache I suffered an hour after waking up, too.

In brief, what I've been up to in my absence:

1. I bought Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 2 and 3 off for US$49, including shipping. I swung by HMV yesterday and checked out the prices of their Region 1 boxsets and was delighted to discover that each costs over a hundred bucks. Bwahaha. I love getting myself a good deal.

2. I hung out with Mel yesterday at the Esplanade. There was this art project that lets random people paint on a few canvases (I think they're called canvases anyway). Mel painted something gorgeous, as usual, and I stood around and slapped paint over...stuff. Dude, I can't paint at all. Seriously.

3. We went shopping after that. It was fun.

4. We went cycling/blading at East Coast Park on Wednesday. Before that we went to Beach Road and then Geylang. I discovered that I actually like places like Geylang, where it's crowded and dirty and congested and gross. It reminded me of Taipei in that aspect. It's lived in, used, and god forbid it actually has character. Too bad the brief reprieve from the mundaneness of the rest of Singapore (including where I currently live) ended as soon as the bus approached Aljunied MRT station.

5. I bumped into someone while cycling. I swear, pedestrians should bloody stop walking on the bicycle tracks. There were four women in front of me and I was quite close behind them. I wanted to overtake them by swerving to the right, but there was some little kid on a training bike on my right. So what did I do? I panicked. And I'm afraid of the brakes because I don't wanna be hurled forward when the bike jerks to a stop, and so I kind of made a sound that was supposed to resemble a shout and then - bam! The front wheel butted straight into one of the women. Ugh, it was embarrassing, and I was all, "Shit fuck!" Haha. ECP was full of people that day. I hate people.

6. I failed my driving theory practice test and I was astounded to discover that the passing is 90%. Why didn't anyone tell me? Damn.

7. I cleaned my room today after ten million years. Surprisingly my nose didn't almost fall off from dripping snot, like I thought it would. I think sleeping in a dust-filled room for over a year has conditioned my nose to deal with such hardships that are, really, the vicissitudes of life. (Yes, I used that phrase on purpose.) Anyway, I packed a few bags of trash and all of them are law school notes. Good riddance.

8. I'm not following the World Cup at all because I simply don't care. I found watching The OC a lot, a lot more interesting than watching some random football match. Things might be different if China were in, but since that'd never happen, who cares.

9. Don't read this if you haven't watched Season 3 of The OC.
So yeah, they killed Marissa Cooper. The strange thing is, I hated her for as long as remember, and then she has to go and be interesting by hooking up with that Volchok dude, who is seriously hot. I was quite sad when she died, but I was more incredulous at the stupid way in which she died. Ugh, bad bad memories. Forget it. I may not even download Season 4; I hate watching people on that show grief because it really, really gets old after a while. Boring.

10. I hate getting my period.

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