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a pill or two?

I have been shopping a fair bit lately. Over the past week or so, I have purchased:

1 pair of jeans from Mango, $49
1 muddy green knee-length skirt from ebase, $20
1 orange tank top from ebase, $12.50
1 light yellow tank top from People of Asia, $30-something
1 random black spaghetti-strapped tank top from random Marina Square boutique, $20-something
1 black hair band from Lorraine, $20-something

Even I find it hard to keep up with myself.

My favourite item? The hair band. Man, I love the hair band. I've never bought such an expensive hair accessory before, and what do you know, my mom paid for it. I told her to treat it as an early birthday gift and that's that. Guilt lessened. The works.

I have shopped enough to last me for quite a bit, so much so that I got bored of Orchard ten minutes after walking around it today. To be frank, the only reason I even MRT-ed down to Orchard after my final theory lesson (during which I was falling asleep because it was 9.50 in the morning, the time at which normal people should be asleep) was to pass Tingren her sanitary pads that I got from Taiwan - because Taiwanese sanitary pads are a million times better than Singapore ones.

Those who have already got the pads from me shouldn't think I'm insane. Ah, I love Taipei.

In other news, some fuckhead on MySpace sent me a totally stupid message. For the suicidal ones amongst us who are in desperate need of something to laugh at, here's the message reproduced in its entirety (a.k.a I copied and pasted):

"Subject: hey dork..

i think you are kinda cute, just geeky. :)"

So says the closet Tyler Durden lover whose face is obscured by the horrendously pretentious camera angle that's supposed to produce a mysterious and thought-provoking effect which cons retarded people into thinking that the person in the picture is "deep" and "introspective". What kind of dumbass name is J_____ Durden, anyway? Whatever.

I have a crush on Dean Forrester. He's so cute. He's so seriously cute. Oh wait, no, I have a crush on Jared Paladecki (I can never spell his last name) because he's so cute and tall and he had nice floppy brown hair and he has nice lips and a great, sharp nose and he's super tall, have I mentioned that? He's over 1.80m and I've always wanted to make out with a guy that tall. Of course, the guy in question must be cute and Jared P is totally cute.

I like Gilmore Girls a lot better before they made Rory an adulteress.

I think the reason why I keep watching dramas after dramas is mostly because they're a million times more interesting than my own life. Pathetic as it is, I live vicariously through the characters with whom I identify, however slightly. It makes me forget for a while. We all need to forget how mundane real life is every once in a while.

I wanted to watch the new Superman movie after I learned that Kevin Spacey is playing Lex Luthor (how to spell). Then I watched the trailer and decided that it's another crappy special effects-laden Hollywood crapbuster that my intelligence is better off not being insulted to death by. As much as I'd like to watch Kevin Spacey - whom I think is amazing, by the way - I can't tolerate two-and-a-half hours' worth of boring and pretentious Hollywood crap.

As a general rule I avoid Hollywood movies like the plague. They're rubbish and all the same and trite and I hate the way strings swell emotionally in the background when some Big Moment happens in a movie. It just does not work like that in real life, for crying out loud. It is so false and predictable that I'd shoot myself in the foot if I voluntarily expose myself to that kind of dribble again.

Besides, Superman Whatever doesn't have the hot-as-hell Wolverine making my pulse race with his...hotness.

I watched Say Anything... this afternoon. The one thing that I took away from it was that John Cusack was SO cute when he was younger. Oh man, Lloyd Dobler is so damn yummy that I can't imagine how Diane never noticed him before they graduated. Anyway, I think it's true that they don't make teen movies the way they did in the 80's anymore. Say Anything... came out a year or so after I was born, and it is a lot better than all the 90's-and-up teen movies I've watched combined. Apart from John Cusack's cuteness, the characters are actually real, their situations believable, and it's not one huge exercise in How To Be Completely Trite and Cliche. I actually found it sweet, the way it ended. Can you imagine me aww-ing at a romantic movie? Yeah, I know. It just proves that Say Anything... is awesome.

Cameron Crowe also did Almost Famous which I loved. I did not bother watching Vanilla Sky, however. My hatred for Tom Cruise might've had something to do with it.

I'm getting Disk 5 of Gilmore S1 tomorrow. I can't wait.

(I'm using right now. I'm cancelling after this month, when school starts. It's nice not having to go to VideoEzy to get movies, and nice too to be able to rent a bunch of crappy movies that I won't rent otherwise.)

I am still annoyed about the driving thing and I'm regretting the manual transmission thing because I had no idea what the instructor was droning on about in today's class. His bad English aside, all the mechanics stuff just flew over my head and throughout the whole thing I was like, Man. Just end this. Now.

The instructor was pretty nice though, bad English and all.

Sigh. I'm so bored.

I feel like shopping. I guess what I said about how I have shopped "enough" wasn't entirely true. Orchard is so boring though. I hate seeing Singaporeans around me.

Okay, I hate seeing people around me, period.

I realise this is not making sense.

I really miss Taipei right now.

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