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and i saw it last night, just watching it glide from your eyes

During recess I was queueing up (yes, I queued!) for food when this bunch of Sec. 4 girls whom I'm acquainted with stood behind/beside/around me. One of them is my classmate/friend, The Basketballer. She noticed the love bite earlier on on our way to the hall for P.E., and demanded to know what happened but I didn't say anything. So at the canteen, I was just minding my own business when I heard The Basketballer say, "Did you see her love bite?"

Internally, I was like, "What the fuck?" I turned slowly towards The Basketballer with a look on my face like she had just betrayed my trust. She realised that her friend hasn't actually seen it until she opened her big mouth, and so she started to apologise.

I wasn't angry or anything. It doesn't bother me that my ex-classmates are asking my classmates what happened to me, when my present classmates don't know anything. It doesn't bother me either that one of my primary school friends who read my diary while we were in China was present at the "did you see her love bite" incident. I just don't want people knowing about my (love) life, unless I tell them the details myself.

I suppose the mark is pretty obvious. At the queue some girl, probably The Butch, said, "[insert name], you damn horny ah!" I didn't know whether to laugh at that or to stick my third finger up her face and ask her to chew on that.

While I was eating, The Fish Fillet came over to me, draped her arms around my neck and said, "Don't you think you should be more discreet about it?" I acted like I didn't have any idea what she was saying, when in fact I knew she was talking about the love bite. I said, "Huh? What are you talking about? Get off me please, I'm trying to eat."

"Don't you think you should be more discreet about it?" she said again.


"You don't have any idea what I'm talking about, do you?"

I finally said, "I have a brief idea."

"I came to confirm something from a foreign source (I wonder who), and now that I have my confirmation, I'm gone, bye."

Ugh. It doesn't help either that the girls behind me weren't friends of mine. They are okay, but they aren't people I would want to be stuck with in a room all by myself. The Fish Fillet is okay, she's kind of a friend, but she has a gigantic mouth. I'm not kidding about that. She's like the gossip queen or something, which is why she can't pay me a million dollars to have the dish on my love life. (That sounded weird.)

Some of my friends shared their opinion with me on pre-marital sex. So far, survey says:

*Wait til you get to know him, and go for it - 1

*Save it for your husband - 2

*Don't do it, please - 3

*Slow down - 1

The survey shall go on.

Yunnie, Pearl and The Athlete are being morons by joking around, saying that I'm pregnant, and that they want to be the godmother of my "kid", while Pearl wants to be its godgrandmother. What a bunch of idiots. I announced this morning that I got my period, and the general response was like this: "What?!?!?! Your fetus dropped out?"

Okay, so it's funny, but let's get serious for a moment. I can just imagine my dad disowning me if I do shed it and somehow got myself pregnant. I can imagine my whole life turning into a soggy mess. No more New York for me. As I intend to claim full responsibility for my future actions (i.e. no abortion), there is no way in hell I can have a kid and still go to New York. And if I do conceive at this age, Gen would get into shit with the law and I am underage.

As you can see, unwanted pregnancy is a grave issue. It is not something to joke about. If we cared, we wouldn't do it. If I cared, I would've blown up at them ages ago.

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