anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

saturday 8: mother's day


  1. How close is your relationship to your mother?

    I would say we are quite close.

  2. How much does she influence you and your personal life?

    She wishes that she does, but in fact, she doesn't at all. Okay, it's just me being harsh here, but if you read some of my latest entries, you'd know that I'm not very like, happy towards the way she's handling my relationship with my boyfriend right now.

  3. Does she treat you fairly? Who is her favorite child?

    I am convinced she prefers my brother to me, but my dad prefers me to my brother so it all evens out. But she treats me fairly, of course. Except for when it comes to Gen...that's a whole new different story.

  4. What qualities (physical and personality) do you inherit from your mother?

    Everyone says I look like her. I know I have her eyebrows, but that's about it. She thinks I'm like her. But since she never tells me anything about her past, how am I supposed to know if it's true? Personality-wise, the only thing that we have in common off the top of my head is our preference for older guys. Gen is 5 years older than I am. My mom had some sort of a relationship going on with some guy who was older than her by quite a lot when she was younger, and her mother found out and made her choose between the guy and her mom, and my mom chose the guy, who asked her to go back to her mom. Um, anyway...

  5. Do you or did you want to be someone like your mother? Why?

    I don't want to be like her. She's stuck in this mundane 8 to 6 job, this typical Singaporean life, and I just don't want it. That's all.

  6. Have you bought the Mother's Day gift? What is it or what it will be?

    I haven't, but it would be a parenting book that Jeff recommended.

  7. How will you celebrate the Mother's Day this year?

    Well it's almost 7 now. I haven't. Haven't even said "Happy Mother's Day".

  8. Say something to your mother. You can even write an imaginary letter here.
    Mommy, I do not care what you think of Gen so please stop telling me. Stop sticking your opinions where they are not wanted. Stop preaching at me. I know you care, but how am I supposed to learn anything if you never let me? I am not going to have sex, my grades will not get any worse than they are now, so please just bloody stop worrying and let me have fun. Don't ruin this for me. I'm happy right now, you want me to be happy, right? Right?

Submitted to Saturday 8.

Tags: angst, first boyfriend, parents

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