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sometimes, i title this thing stupidly

Someone left an anonymous message in my guestbook. To whoever it was, thank you. Tell me who you are. I get extremely frustrated when I don't know who is reading my diary. The best way to let me know that you are reading is my signing my guestbook. (Hint, hint.)

Anyway, I had a Social Studies test today. I almost fell asleep doing it. The weather has been ruthless these few days. The sun is blazing hot, the humidity level is higher than ever and I am sweating like a pig more than ever. I hate it when I perspire. It's just so irritating. And the weather has been contributing to my not paying attention in class. I get so sleepy and everything, and add the fact that I wake up at 6 a.m. everyday to that, and you get the perfect recipe for the formula to a sure-fire (???) way to fall asleep in class.

My brother's room's windows are perpetually stuck. It's so goddamned hot. I think I will switch on the air-con.

My mom is taking me to see "No Man's Land" in a bit. It sounds quite interesting, and I have never seen a Bosnian film before so I think this experience would be somewhat fruitful. I don't watch a lot of foreign movies. Then again, if you look at it from a technical point of view, Hollywood should be foreign to me as I am Chinese and Hollywood is Western. But I know English, obviously, and take it as my first language, so English is definitely not a foreign language.

Hell, why am I talking about this? Moving on. I ate my Science experiment today. The class went to the lab for Biology and we were supposed to dissect an apple and an orange. The Athlete took the apple from wherever they were kept, ran back to where Yunnie and I were sitting, and sunk her teeth into the fruit without cutting it up first. Soon enough, one third of our experiment was in her tummy, the other third was devoured by Pearl and I ate the rest. Yunnie didn't, because she claimed that she doesn't eat her experiments. Her loss, because the apple was damn good.

Okay, I have to go.

Tags: exams, friends, secondary school, yun shiuan

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