anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Crappy entry.

I hate him and all, but oh my god, even I have to feel sad that Andy Murray broke up with his girlfriend. Perhaps that explains why he didn't play that great at the stupid WTF.

...Wait, who am I kidding? He didn't play that great because he doesn't. Period.

Murray was a lucky dude though: "She willingly did Murray's laundry, and when he chose to move from his penthouse in Wandsworth to his Surrey mansion in the week before Wimbledon, she loyally helped transport his belongings so his preparation was not disturbed."

Um yeah. Doing his laundry? Seriously? In some article she was even his driver as he hasn't got his licence yet. That's kind of sad.

Oh wait, wait, wait - I drive Wei Chuen around too, sometimes. BUT IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME. Wei Chuen doesn't have a few million pounds sitting in his bank account. In my humble opinion, if you have THAT much money, you better go get a freaking driver's licence or it's just embarrassing!

In serious tennis news, Davydenko won the year-end championship. I can't stay away from tennis so I ended up watching a bit of it and he pretty much played out of his mind so the victory was well-deserved. Besides, I always maintain that if you have the audacity to take Roger Federer out of the tournament, YOU BETTER WIN THE FUCKING TITLE. So yup, I'm glad Davydenko won.

I'm really going to miss Roger until the start of the new season. It doesn't help that I didn't freaking get to watch his last match because 1) it wasn't live; 2) he lost it; and 3) therefore, 1 + 2 = I refused to watch the repeat. I MISS WATCHING HIM PLAY ALREADY. I SHALL WATCH THE HUGE BACKLOG OF OLD MATCHES THAT I ORDERED A LONG TIME BACK WHICH I HAVEN'T GOT ROUND TO WATCHING - HIS GLORY DAYS OF OLD, PRETTY MUCH LONG SINCE PASSED.


On another note, Conveyancing exam was a laugh. In a bad way.

I don't feel like writing this anymore. I wanna sleep. Boo hiss.

Tags: andy murray, bar exam, nikolay davydenko, roger federer, wei chuen

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