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evening news

I got myself new underwear today. I like colourful ones. I asked myself in the changing room, "Self, who cares what underwear you wear? Who's gonna see them?" And I reply to myself with a mental wink, "You'll never know!"

I swear, I wasn't so obsessed with sex before. And it's not just sex, it's the notion of sex with Gen. I think about it a lot. Half the time spent thinking about Gen is spent thinking about sex with him. Terrible, isn't it?

I also bought a blue skirt with flowers printed on it, together with this white blouse thingy, I don't know what it's called but I (okay, my mom) placed an order as it was currently out of stock. When we (my parents and I) came back from the mall, my brother said the salesgirl called and said the shirt arrived. So stupid. I have to go tomorrow to get it then.

I can't believe I bought a skirt. I can count the number of skirts I own on one hand, and the number of skirts I wear on 3 fingers tops. It's not that I'm a tomboy. I'm just awfully insecure about my body. Stupid, I know. But c'est la vie.

I also went for a swim. Brother was being annoying. He is averse to swimming, so he sat by the pool with his Harry Potter book. I had my hair tied up and used a hair clip to pin up the loose hair at the back of my head. I decided to not tie the hair anymore. So I took off the pin and asked my brother to keep it for me. He didn't. He took it and threw it back into the pool. Repeatedly. He is so annoying. I wasn't about to just let it slide so I splashed water on him, and got the floor all wet.

By the way, I went to the pool downstairs. I live in a condominium, and there is a pool downstairs, so...

Gen still hasn't got his phone fixed. Not that it's broke, but. When is he going to top up the damn card? Doesn't he realise that I miss him very much?

Tags: family, first boyfriend, sex, shopping

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