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Biology is fun. Today's lab work: dissection of beans and drawing them up, and all that stupid, boring stuff. I sat with Yunnie, as always, and we cut up the beans into little pieces and put them in a small beaker. I did most of the cutting, and Yunnie used the rear of this wooden pick thing to mash it up, and before we knew it, we had bean paste! Damn, it was fun. The moronic piece of lard (the teacher) was 35 minutes late. A record. My class is perpetually late for Bio lessons (you wonder why), and even so, the longest we took was 15 minutes to get to the lab or stroll back to class from the toilet. And this stupid piece of lard of a teacher is forever yelling at us, like she's so superior or something, and preaching her "moral values" to us and expecting us to take her seriously when all she does is spew bullshit. She's sad.

Back to my previous point: Biology is fun. At least, it was fun today. And the sad irony is, Yunnie and I weren't even doing proper work. In fact, I haven't even drawn my beans yet. And um, I don't think I'm ever gonna. Ha, ha.

Hey, did I mention that I miss Gen? Like, really really miss him? Well, I do.

Mom has gone off my case about him. Before she was all over my ass, and these few days she hardly mentions him. I think it's because I have decided not to see him until next Tuesday, and she takes it as a sign that I'm not going to see him anymore. Which is sooooo not happening. She doesn't know that I plan to go out with him immediately after my Chinese exam. And I think I deserve to see him, considering the number of days I've went by without seeing him or talking to him.

He's not a distraction at all. I can have a boyfriend and still study.

That, in my opinion, is usually a sign that one is not in love. But whatever.

Went to the McDonalds' outside my school after Chinese remedial today with the friends (Yunnie, The Athlete, Mrs. Jerry Yen, and Pearl). It was fun. I mentioned briefly to Pearl, and whoever heard, that Gen's birthday is on the 20th of November. She asked if I was getting him anything. I said yes. She asked if he was getting me anything for my birthday. I said I don't know, and I don't care.

In fact, I don't even know if he remembers it. He is very forgetful. So if he remembers my birthday, I would be forever touched. I mean, he's the type that doesn't remember anything, and remembering my birthday is's like a confirmation that, you know, I'm his special girl or something.

God, I did not just type that. I swear, I make myself sick.

I itched all over today. Was attacked by heat rash. I hate the humidity.

Tags: first boyfriend, friends, secondary school, yun shiuan

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