anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I am seriously running out of things to fill in here...

I went to the library today to study for the Chinese exam that is making me very nervous. I found a copy of Entertainment Weekly that dates back to November 2001 with Elijah Wood as Frodo on the cover, went mental inside and grabbed it off the shelf.

I changed my mind. I don't want to talk about the library. But it's a nice place to study in. It's quiet, peaceful, and it has free air-conditioning (unless one pays for it through tax or something). My idea of a great place to study, nevermind that I was distracted by all the books, and I was falling asleep because my head felt way too huge for my ickle body.

Anyway, I passed a dwarf-like man on my way to the library selling 3 packs of tissue for a dollar. I bought them. Which reminds me. Last Monday, on my way to see Gen, I saw a blind man selling things like Mentos and tissue paper in front of the MRT station. I bought a tube of Mentos green apple from him for 80 cents, and he told me in Mandarin that I was the first person to buy anything from him after a few hours.

Hours! God! I wonder what happened to that old man. I feel really bad for him. I've seen him before, sometime last year, I think, or maybe it was two years ago. I got Mentos grape from him.

Okay. The class played Captain's Ball during P.E., and very miraculously, the team Yunnie and I were in won. (Class was split into two.) The Basketballer was in the other team. I wanted to be in hers because she's freaking talls and, obviously, plays basketball. She was supposed to be in the same team and Yunnie and I, but the teacher called her over to the other side because the other team comprised mainly of short people. But anyway, the score: 18 to like, 8 or something. Below 10. It was so funny. But this is a stupid topic. P.E. is fun when you get to play dumb games like Captain's Ball, which is freaking lame. P.E. sucks when you have to: 1) Run; 2) Play volleyball; 3) Play softball; 4) Do track and field shit; and 5) Run.

I haven't spoken to Gen in ages. I miss him sooooooo much. I think I'll call him tonight. I have to do it discreetly though, as the phone is no longer in my room. I want it back, but I don't know what excuse I'd give. My parents know I hate talking on the phone.

But, yeah. Whatever.

Tags: first boyfriend, secondary school, yun shiuan

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