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I have been dreaming of Gen at night lately. To date, I have 9 dreams in all that he appeared in. And they are usually weird.

On the 20th, I dreamt that he was going out with another girl whom I don't know, but we were having an affair of some sorts behind her back. School was merry, and I dined in the canteen by myself when I saw him. He came over to me and we started making out. His girlfriend was with him, but he didn't care and neither did I. He strangely tasted of curry.

Last night. Another dream set in school. It was the last day of my examinations. He came to school to pick me up for a date. He came to my classroom. Jeff appeared as a guy called Bob, but I knew it was him anyway. I was standing outside my classroom with Jeff/Bob when I saw Gen walking towards us. I went to greet him and started to introduced Jeff/Bob as my friend, but before I could make proper introductions, Jeff/Bob and Gen started talking about some shit which I don't remember. Then I was like, "Hello, I'm trying to do some introductions here!"

In the classroom. The teacher gave us an assignment to do. Gen sat down somewhere and waited for me. I had a picture of Gen with me, and I showed it to the lesbian counsellor in "ER" who was my classmate/friend in the dream. She started spewing shit about how he's not right for me, blah blah blah, and I got very pissed off and I told her, "Fuck you." She got a look on her face like she wanted to hit me, but she didn't. She was visibly upset. I stood up and left for another table, but I didn't have to do that as she also sat somewhere else.

I sat down beside Mona (a classmate of mine), and my eyes wandered until they found Gen's. He sat opposite me, with The Athlete and some other people. He tried telling me something by mouthing the words, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I gestured to him to write it down. So he got up, sauntered over (he did a lot of sauntering) to the board and wrote something in CHINESE! He wanted to tell me that he had to go somewhere and that he would be back by 2.30 p.m. (It was around 1 at that time.) I wasn't happy about that, so I went over to him, to the front of the classroom and we sat down close together, bodies touching, and we whispered.

I asked him why couldn't I go along. He told me that he had to go someplace and do something that I wouldn't like, and mentioned something about murder. I can't really remember now.

And I forget the rest of it. But my mom was present in the classroom, and she thought that he was a pretty decent guy (as he is neat in the way he eats...don't ask me). Despite that, she was still adamant about me not dating him.

I wanted to chronicle my Gen dreams but diaryland doesn't seem to be working right at the moment. Or maybe it's my computer. Whatever it is, I can't access my page and hence can't link to the dreams I would no doubt be referring to.

Before I forget. Another dream. I had this sometime back. I was in a bookstore with my brother. It linked to a video store, when Gen worked. I passed the staff room that had translucent doors. I went to the video store specifically for Gen. So when I passed the staff room, I peered in, and saw Gen sitting very close to another girl.

Naturally I was jealous. Unfortunately I can't remember if I did anything about it. In fact, I have forgotten the rest of it.

Anyway school sucks. I'm hot. That's all.

Tags: dreams, first boyfriend

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