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I bought nail polish today. Nail polish. And this is something major, like a major turning point in my life, because I was the "make-up is so plastic" type. I mean, seriously. I never owned any make-up. While it still stands that I'm not exactly going all-out to make my face up, it is still something that I bought nail polish. Pink nail polish. With glitter. From Za. God. What am I coming to?

But the colour is so pretty that I really don't care that I'm turning into a total girl.

Anyway, the ang mo guy from yesterday hasn't left my mind. I checked out the location of his school (which is a godammn private school) today and found out it is near the junior college I was at yesterday, which also happens to be the junior college I want to go to, mainly because their uniform is nice, at least compared to the rest it is. I'm going to find out when the BBC is broadcasting the debate as they were there to film it, and I'm going to record it and keep it forever.

Oh yeah, I got my term report. If anyone's interested:

English: 82%, A1, Band I

Chinese: 69.8%, B3, Band II

Combined Humanities: 51.2%, C6, Band IV

English Lit: 67%, B3, Band I

Add. Maths: 50.7%, C6, Band III

Maths: 40%, E8, Band IV

Physics: 47%, D7, Band IV

Science (Chem + Bio): 61.6%, B4, Band II

Click here for band legend and last term's results, and marvel over how much I have improved. 23 points! Haha. 58.7% average. I am a goddamn genius.

Quite miffed at the Chinese thing though. I can't believe they didn't round it up to 70%. How very stupid of the school. But whatever, it doesn't even matter.

Shit, I have nothing else to write about. Oh yes. I know what to say! Yesterday Gen sent me an adorable SMS message, you know those pictorial things that you have to keep pressing down to get the whole picture? The point of the message was that he misses me. Goddddddd. I still haven't figured out what the hell I'm doing with him when 1) we're not going to last that long and 2) he isn't the right person for me.

But he makes me feel so good. And I'm not talking sexually.

Tags: first boyfriend, grades, secondary school

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