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saturday 8: confessions

The Confession

This weeks Saturday-8 questions are in the spirit of confession. So to begin with, is there anything that you would like to confess to in order to just get things off your chest or free up your soul?: Um, not really.

Well now, with that out of the way, we can get on to more specific questions. For example, have you in our lifetime commit an act that would be considered against federal, state, or local law? If so, what was it? If there are multiple ones, what is the most severe? Please keep in mind the idea of the statutes of limitation and your relative ability to go to jail of the said act.

  1. Have you in life committed an act of betrayal against a friend or family member? If so, what was it?
    God, this is a hard one. I don't think so. At least, I can't think of anything right now. And even if I had, I doubt I'd type it here.

  2. Have you ever committed an act that in some way or another, left you feeling, "dirty" or "bad" voluntarily, that you will probably do again in the future in spite of those bad feelings?
    Hmm... :)

  3. Have you ever found yourself sexually turned-on by someone that you absolutely should not have been at that time? If so, what did you do about it?
    Only one person has turned me on sexually, and that's Gen, and I absolutely should have felt that way at that time, trust me.

  4. Have you ever fantasized or had "impure" or sexual thoughts about someone amongst your current group of friends an associates that they do not know about? If so, what thoughts, who, and what are there relationship to you?
    No. My current group of friends are all girls, and I am positive I don't think about girls the same way I think about guys, or more specifically, Gen, but that's another thing.

  5. Out curiosity, if everyone around you knew everything that you have ever done or wanted to do, would they probably consider you a good person or a bad person? Do you feel that you are a good or bad person?
    Good. I haven't done anything that is totally out of line.

    Did you answer all questions with full disclosure any honesty? If so, which questions did you give "blurry" answers to?

    I was quite honest, for a change.

Submitted to Saturday-8.
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