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Friends to cherish.

Yesterday was our 5 months. I texted him "happy anniversary" 3 minutes before midnight on my computer clock. He replied, in his usual joking manner that I so endear, "Haha happy courting me successfully day! Yay. Congrats to you :)"

My reaction was to laugh, as always; and as always, I replied with a pretend-pout, pretend-hurt, "What fuck. :( So mean. :("

The next message that I received in my phone was: "Kidding. Happy loving you day."

Happy loving each other day. I hope we continue to say that 5, 10, 20 years down the road.


On another note, I spent yesterday with Mag and it was great. We went to Dome at Marina Square to study for this week's (fucking hell boring) papers which went...okay-ish, kind of. Well, we did manage to read SOMETHING before we got bored and started talking. I think I read 3 sets of Conveyancing shit which wasn't half bad?

We had dinner at Glutton's Bay in the cool of the night, next to really gaudy Christmas lights. It'd been a while since we last hung out like that, and although the primary purpose of meeting was to study, I'm quite glad that didn't really work out. PLC exams come and go; but friends like her are for life. That's the important thing to hold on to and remember when you're caught up in the exhilarating changes in your own life. Because when you can talk so openly to her, and she can talk so openly to you, it means you've found something great - something which you probably can never find again.

I LOVE YOU MAG! I don't say this much as it's rather trite and frivolous, but I mean this: I hope we stay friends forever.


Thursday afternoon, post-exam, was great too. Rui and I had plans to play tennis at her condo which was near the exam venue. My mom picked us up and dropped us off at her place, then Rui drove us out to lunch nearby. We ventured into this cute little cafe called With a Pinch of Salt that attracted us with its cute decor and name.

The food was okayish, nothing much to crow about.

Halfway through lunch, though, I told Rui, "Hey, it feels like we're on holiday!" It wasn't just the fact that we had a short break between exams; it was the fact that the whole area - Tanjong Katong, the nicer part of the east - felt so un-Singapore, it didn't feel like I was in Singapore at all.

That, plus the fact that Rui's apartment had no furniture which made it feel like a hotel room (albeit one without furniture. Which doesn't exist. But let's not get caught up in the details) totally cemented the I'M SO ON HOLIDAY! feeling. Rui replied in her usual super omg adorable fashion, "OMG I'm on holiday with [Yelen]!!!"

It was a really nice and relaxing afternoon. Tennis was fun for me too - I was very amused (in a good way) at her enthusiastic "again again!" everytime she attempted to hit the ball properly. It was MOST cute and I had a lot of fun, contrary to what she believes!

I think Rui and I can totally go overseas together. We won't drive each other nuts. It really felt so nice, that whole afternoon; I kind of miss it already.


On another note, my life officially ends next Tuesday. Suffice it to say I'm not looking forward to it at all.

I am looking forward to the end of pupillage, however. Let's just leave it at that.


One last thing: I had lunch with mom and bro at Go India yesterday, which is probably my favourite Indian restaurant. (I totally LOVE Indian food, by the way. More North than South though.) I ordered what I usually ordered and ordered something new for my brother at the recommendation of the waiter, but when the food arrived I found out that he heard me wrongly. He recommended some Chinese stir-fry chicken thing which I wasn't very keen on (I'm quite a control freak - I don't eat chicken and yet I wasn't keen on the chicken), then he recommended some curry chicken. My brother went with the curry chicken.

What arrived at our table was the Chinese thing.

I informed the guy about it and he wanted to change it for us but we thought it was too troublesome so we decided not to.

A while later he came by our table to ask if everything was okay. I nodded and said "great", but my mom said that we didn't like the Chinese chicken. The waiter looked legitimately dismayed and immediately took the bowl away and said, "I'll change it for you."

My mom kind of panicked. She motioned to this guy in black shirt after our waiter disappeared into the kitchen. He came over to us with our waiter to suss out the situation. When we explained to him that we didn't really like the Chinese chicken thing, he immediately said he wouldn't charge us for it.

UM WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Mom was TOTALLY paiseh. So was I. She was giving her honest feedback on the food since the guy asked; she didn't expect the black shirt guy (manager, I think) to waive the cost of the dish.

But the guy insisted. He said, "If you don't enjoy the food, we won't charge you. We will only charge you if you enjoy the food. We don't want you to have a bad impression; we want you to come back."

Well, no bad impression, really; ever since Tong and I randomly decided to eat there a few months back (in July, in fact - on the afternoon of our first Edu-Dine), I keep going back there, either with him or with my mom and brother. My mom tried to get him not to waive the price of the Chinese chicken but the guy insisted. He even brought out some sample curry chicken for my brother to try. (Initially he wanted to give us another dish altogether but my mom talked him out of it.)

How bloody incredible is that? Not so much because we paid less, but because of the service. "We won't charge you if you don't enjoy the food"? Who the hell does that? I've never once experienced this, ever - and I've eaten with people who say it as it is when service staff ask them if they enjoy their food (I'm always, "Yes thanks!" because I don't like confrontations and awkward moments).

I love Go India even more now. Sure, it's fuck-expensive, but I swear, the food is INCREDIBLE. And the service is also impeccable too.



Lastly, I hate Conveyancing and I am bored to death.

Lastly too, I hate WTF. I really do. Soderling lost to Del Pot and now I couldn't care any less who wins the tournament.

I'm still sad Roger lost. SIGH.

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