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dream about the days to come

I forgot to write about my dream. It's an important one, because it involved Gen and it was rather weird. So it was a few days before my birthday. I received a love letter in the mail from Gen and his gift for me, which was a picture of him when he was young with his brother (which is weird in itself because he doesn't have a brother). Right now I have forgotten the content of the letter, but trust me when I say it was totally sweet and lovely. He wrote my name in pink and purple, and the words in the same tone of colours (apologies if that did not make sense). I also had a mutual friend who sent me a huge box, and it contained old books that he knew I liked. That was my gift from him. I searched the box for a card but I could not find one.

And the rest of it was...weird. I was some sort of a spy or something. I worked for a corrupt agency, and I was supposed to steal some valuable shit and bring it back to my boss. I was at this toilet, and I found the thing I was supposed to bring back, and they were in the form of two rods. I tried shoving them up my skirt to hide them or something. I don't know. I don't remember.

The above is probably the 10th Gen dream I have had so far. I will now try to arrange my Gen dreams in chronological order.

Pre-knowing him:

Dream no. one: It took place in school. It wasn't much. Probably mentioned it here but I can't be sure. He worked in my school, and yeah, that was it. Nothing much happened. I know I eyed him a lot, but of course I did. How could I not? Okay, I just found it here.

Dream no. two.

Post-knowing him:

Dream no. three

God, this is impossible. I'll continue this another day. I haven't checked my email. I have to do it.

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