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almost there

I am not in a typing mood, but I'd type anyway. So went to school for the damn English Lit mock exam. It sucked. But since it's not going to be counted, I don't care. I did the prose question and the extract was from "Jane Eyre". I watched the movie with Anna Paquin as young Jane, but never read the book, although I do have it. The print is so small though that it hurts my eyes.

There is this fly buzzing around. It's irritating.

Gen has a tattoo. He showed it to me yesterday. It's on his right arm and it's of some guy holding a sword. He says it's a stupid tattoo and that his friend did it for him back in Nepal. And apparently Singapore is a good place to get tattoos. I don't know, he told me everyone knows it. It's so stupid. I mean, Singapore being a good place to get yourself tattooed and all. I never knew that.

I find the fact that my boyfriend has a tattoo to be incredibly sexy.

Tags: first boyfriend, secondary school

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