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and the days...

The birthday party was swell. My classmate had it at a country club, and her mother booked a room for people to stay overnight. I wanted to, but I had tuition this morning at 10 so I couldn't. We hung out in front of the TV before dinner and watched this Chinese TV programme where the hosts look for people who look alike and who look like certain celebrities. There was this 16-year-old girl who looks like Zhang Ziyi. Jeez. I was envious.

Not many people turned up though, which I thought was a shame. Her mother was there. She was very chatty. After dinner we went around the pool to take photographs, and there was a playground there so we went and monkeyed around. I remember laughing a lot, but can't remember what I laughed about. Then we went to the karaoke room. The waiter there was this guy with long hair, and he's like, so corny. My friends wanted to request a song called "Roof" that was written by Jay Chou, and one of them (the pretty one) went to ask the guy, "Do you have 'Roof'?"

The guy came in and said, "Of course I have [a] roof." He pointed to the ceiling. "If I didn't, the place would be flooded!"

Silence, and I started laughing, really sarcastically, but not in a mean way. I think he was amused by us as we were this bunch of girls who laughed loudly and talked loudly, and basically behaved like monkeys. I didn't have to go to my grandma's, which was really cool. Mom was too lazy to fetch me.

Anyway I went to the History Museum today to see the exhibit on the Chinese secret societies back in the 1800's. Yeah. Interesting. Not very informative. I don't know what I learnt. I bought a book from MPH though, "Lolita" by Vladimir Na....., I can't spell. Uh-huh. And. I don't know.

This is a totally boring entry. My head hurts. I miss Gen.

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