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I don't feel like titling this.

On a brighter note, I collected one of the two white shirts I tailored at CYC Raffles Hotel yesterday and I bought cute tennis racquet/tennis balls cuff links to go along with it. I totally forgot that I asked for cuff links sleeves and I totally couldn't remember what possessed me to create such convenience to myself, but well, it turned out okay because the cuff links are super cute. I wanted to buy this tennis racquet charm from Tiffany & Co once but decided against it's expensive. And I wasn't earning 5000 a month then.

The downside is, I almost melted in my shirt today. I asked for material that doesn't crinkle and the price to pay for that was sweating my ass off in it. Okay, I exaggerate, but it did get very, very hot when I was freaking out in the courtroom (story reserved for friends only). And if I'd stayed in the silly no air-conditioning office tonight, I totally would have died.

I came home to watch the Stanford WTA final between Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova. I will admit that one small reason I recorded this match was because I LOVE BOTH THEIR OUTFITS. Maria's wearing the outfit that I just bought and as usual she looks good in it (she looks good in everything, though I must say her US Open dress is quite ugly. Maybe it'll look better on her) and Vika's wearing some super cute layered skirt. I like Maria's better though, so I was quite sad when I inadvertently found out in the lift, on Channel News Asia, that she lost. Watching the match, I completely understood why: she played as many good shots as shit ones, and in the second set she was just off from the start. I watched until 2-0 Azarenka then turned it off. Maria lost 6-1 anyway. What a waste of time.

I do love how she fought her heart out at the end of the 1st set though. She made it really difficult for Azarenka to win it. Too bad she didn't do the same in the 2nd set. I'm probably retarded for wanting her to win the US Open but I hope she does. And obviously I hope the new potential partnership with Annacone translates to Roger winning the last Slam of the year, too.

I MISS ROGER SO MUCH. I hate the US hard court season though; goddamn time difference. No way in hell I'm gonna wake up at 2 a.m. to watch a match, not when I have to be at smelly work the next day. Now I just miss the days in the past when I had the luxury of doing so, and the only repercussion was to get scolded by my dad. I so wish I were a student again.

Anyway, I had a really good lunch with Ven, Jean and Rui, where we commiserate over how miserable work is. I really didn't want lunch to end and really didn't want to drag my reluctant ass back to the office, but that's the way life is, at least for now.

I miss my boyfriend a lot. I got sad with him when he left a piece of biscuit that I gave him in my car as he forgot about it. Boo. I think I've come a long way to getting used to him, but I think I'm still getting used to him. Like the drinking thing - hard not to feel a disconnect from it when he hardly ever drinks around me (because I don't drink. I think I'm allergic, seriously). I hope this works out. I think it'll work out. But I also think he has to let me in to his world more and I need to stop being a compartmentalised girlfriend.

Yep, that's all.

I'm actually really tired. I have to go to court again tomorrow which is such a drag. I'm ready for a 9 to 5 job; I really am. I'm also totally ready for a job where I don't have to fill in fucking time sheets.

Argh. I want to go back to school. Much sadness fills my heart.

(Totally having a stomachache now. Fuck, all this irregular eating hours is messing up my insides.)
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