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random events

Hurray and rejoice and all that. My layout miraculously fixed itself. However, my stupid mouse is not working properly. I can't left-click anything. So I have to right-click and click 'open'. It's irritating.

While queueing up to top-up my farecard today a gorgeous man with beautiful eye-lashes stood in front of me. His head was turned to one side as he talked to some guy, and then he smiled, and it was an amazing smile. I was tempted to tap his shoulder and say, "Has anyone ever told you you have amazing eye-lashes? Well, you do. I just thought you'd like to know that."

Of course, I didn't. I went to the library to return a couple of overdue books, and I went to the magazines section to look for an issue of Newsweek that has a gorgeous picture of Joaquin, and this guy around my age sat down on the floor beside me and he took a couple of parenting magazines and flipped through them. That is not the end of it. He started making some weird noises to himself, and it was almost like he was having an orgasm (though I wouldn't know how that sounds like, but whatever).

I was, to put it mildly, horrified. Nothing wrong with talking to yourself, though it is slightly strange, but the noise he was making was just so weird that I wanted to ask him, "Are you okay?"

But I didn't. Of course not.

Gen's phone is still dead.

Tags: random
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