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I'm home. I thought I would never make it home. It's so hot out and my head is hurting like a damn bitch yet again, and I had to walk up that horrible hill, and the bus driver took forever to drive his bus, and I waited for god knows how long and I almost went to take the cab, but I stopped myself, thinking, "You very rich ah?"

In other words, I told myself that my family isn't exactly rich and that I shouldn't waste money on stupid luxuries like taking a taxi when my head aches like a damn bitch and it's too hot to walk. And I listened, for once.

Went to school for Geography. I actually am supposed to be in school now for Chemistry, but all my friends skipped so I followed suit. It wasn't like I wanted to stay anyway. I'm not going for tomorrow's lesson either. Chemistry and I are not great friends, unless you're talking about the chemistry between me and Gen, but you're not, so let's move on.

My tutor gave me one Maths/Physics exam paper to do everyday. I'm supposed to have completed four by Saturday. 4 days have passed, and I'm still not finished with the Maths shit that I was supposed to finish by Monday. God, I suck. I'm so lazy. I should quit slacking and throw my life away, right?

Please be reminded that I'm having a great headache now. The things I say shouldn't make sense.

I don't suppose I'd see Gen at all this week. His fault for his phone being dead. Sigh. I miss him.

Tags: first boyfriend, rant, secondary school

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