anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

oh, how i hate to see you go

My brother's friend is here. My brother's friend is this short tiny midget, goody-two-shoes, who giggles. They were playing Playstation a while back and I could hear him giggling every other minute, and it's so fucking disgusting.

Maybe it's my aversion to kids. Or maybe I seriously have something stuck up my arse. But you know what? I'm really really really shitting tired. I woke up at 10 a.m. without meaning to, as I thought it was 11. I could've and should've slept longer but the goddamn phone kept ringing and it's so loud. I couldn't sleep last night as I kept thinking about Gen, I kept thinking about the fact that his phone is still dead after like a damn week. I'm getting worried now, and it's probably completely unfounded, as I'm not getting any sense that he's dead or something. I bet if I went by the restaurant, I'd find him there, and everything would be just fine for him, and I'd be the idiot, worrying over nothing, and I'd let him know how shitty I think it is that he hasn't bothered to call me, nevermind that I told him not to call me, and you know what? I take that back. I want him to call me. Especially when he's too damn lazy to fix his goddamn phone.

I'd give him a piece of my mind, all right. I'd make a scene. I'd yell and scream and cry and be violent.

I'd do all that. But I wouldn't go over.

Tags: family, first boyfriend, rant

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