anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

a load of rubbish

Did I ever mention that I'm on vacation right now? Well, I am.

Argentina is out of the World Cup. Goddamn. How could they be? They have Pablo Amair, however one spells. The number 16 guy. He is so hot. He has curly hair and it's adorable and he's only 24!

If you haven't noticed, I watch football sometimes just to watch the good-looking players. Yep. Other than that, it's a shitting boring sport to watch AND to play. I mean, England played Nigeria today and the result? 0-0. I feel sorry for whoever was dumb enough to sit through the whole shit.

Anyway, I haven't done anything today. I haven't done anything this whole holiday. And Gen is still unreachable.

I keep losing to my goddamn brother at bloody Chinese chess, and it's humiliating, but it's not like I ever play the stupid game anyway, so you know, it's not like one can blame me.

I don't know what shit to spew anymore so that's it.

Tags: family, football
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