anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

good day today

I went shopping today and bought a shitload of useless things: 2 white tank tops, 2 sets of underwear (which were on offer), one bottle of blue glittery nail polish (which was half-priced), Vanessa Carlton's CD, 4 bottles of Starbucks coffee, and one packet of seasoned seaweed. Spent a lot of money. I feel quite bad about it.

I started this story last night and I'm happy as I haven't written anything in ages. I was feeling sad so I decided to put my negative feeling to some creative use, or whatever, I don't really know how to phrase that. It's not finished. I was planning to do it today at my grandma's when I went there for lunch, but I was too lazy to. My brother was watching the match between Brazil and Costa Rica (sp) in my grandma's room and I was lying on the bed, and I slept for half an hour and during that half hour, 2 goals were scored. And I missed it! When I woke up another one was kicked in but I was too busy irritating my brother to see it. I can't believe I missed all the stupid goals. I've never witnessed a goal being scored live before and I'd like to see that once, but I had to be sleeping!

Result: 5-2. Brazil, of course, won.

Why am I talking about this? I never liked football. I still don't like football.

I guess it's because I have nothing else to talk about besides Gen, and his phone is still dead so what the hell to say?

I miss him, you know. Really miss him.

Physically, that is. PS. To all those who's signed my guestbook during the past couple of days: THANK YOU! =)

Tags: family, first boyfriend, football, writing

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