anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

one ring to rule them all

I can't believe it. "The Lord of the Rings" is being re-released on March 29, and they're showing a 3 1/2 minutes sneak of "The Two Towers"!!!!!!!! (I originally put about 50 exclamation marks here, but it made my layout look like total crap so I took them out.)

OH, MY, GOD!!!!!! THE TWO FUCKING TOWERS!! I'm seeing it for sure! My friend from LADS has not seen it so I could ask her to go with me! Yay, my life is now complete!

I'm fanatical about LOTR. It's such an incredibly awesome film, and 'awesome' doesn't nearly cut it. I love everything about it, from its cinematography to its music to its acting to its storyline. The only other movie that is 3 hours long and didn't feel like it that I have seen is "Titanic", which I also like. But LOTR just RULES! Too bad I have school on Oscar morning.

I was feeling sorry for myself the entire night after that entry. Right now there are 3 things I want: love, a friendly shoulder to cry on, and good grades. Since I can't manipulate anything in my life to get the first two, I'm going to get the last one. I wouldn't care, but I live in Singapore, so too freaking bad for me. And the love part...someone give me some goddamned advice, dammit! What in the freaking hell am I going to do about the infatuation? I woke up this morning with him on my mind, and I hate myself for it. (Okay, maybe not to that extent, but pretty close.) I want to talk to him, but I don't know how, and my bloody parents are ALWAYS there. Not doing anything is doing my head in, and I'm tired of it.

Peja Stojakovic scored 12 measley points against the lousy New York Knicks yesterday (or something). The Kings lost. How can Peja score 12 points? He's better than 12 points. If I knew that boy I would've gave him a slap across the face for scoring 12 points when he averages 22 points per game. Then again, looking at that face may bloody well take away any thoughts of inflicting pain upon him, physical or otherwise. But 12 points! I couldn't believe my eyes.

I submitted this poem to that poetry award thing I mentioned a few entries back. Not my best work, but my favourite.


Tags: basketball, crushes, first boyfriend, grades, lord of the rings, movies, nba, peja stojakovic, poetry, sacramento kings

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