anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

would you bring it back around?

At the library. I'm paying two dollars for an hour of Internet access. Wow. Been forever since I last got online, and I tell you, the past week and a few days have been agonising. I got the CPU back but it couldn't work. Mom's very pissed off.

I'd do proper updates once my computer at home is fixed. But since today is the last day of the World Cup, I'd just like to say that Germany rules because they beat Korea, and Turkey rules because I like Hakan Sukur and number 17, Ilhan something. I cried when Spain lost though, I was so upset and everything. It's so stupid, but you should see how gorgeous Iker Casillas is and how awesome the Spanish team is. Then you'd get it.

Question. Religious issues aside, virgins cannot give birth, can they? I told the friends about the 19th of June, and they created a big fuss over it, and The Athlete started saying that if the guy ejaculated, I may very well kenna and everything. I don't know, I'm typing this really fast so I can't think properly, but I was quite worried the past week, thinking about pregnancy, and I've decided not to have sex anytime soon. It's too much. I can't deal with it.

I'm awaiting my period with bated breath, and this would be the best period ever. I'd celebrate by throwing a party all for myself.

Or maybe not. When my own computer is fixed, I'm going to write in the entries for the days lost. Fuck, that did not make sense. It's hard to concentrate in a public place with shit floating all around my mind and stupid things like that.

One last thing: Spain rules. Because I said so.

Tags: football, friends, sex

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