anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Life sucks.

Life is unfair and cruel. After going almost a year of being free from any and all illnesses, including the common cold, I just had to wake up today, two bloody days before I participate in my first ever 10k race, with a bloody fucking cold. I dragged myself to French class (already decided to skip tennis the day before), spent two miserable hours trying to remember all the French that I'd forgotten, then decided that I was feeling too shitty to go to the law faculty and attend a legal and political philosophy discussion forum.

I'm not sure if I'd gotten better at all throughout the course of the day. I suppose I feel a little better. My throat still feels raw, there is the beginning of some phlegm formation, and maybe this is the effect of the Lemsip that Edward and Daffy kindly gave me, but I feel out of it, like I'm swimming in a fish tank. I will sleep soon. I really hope to feel normal tomorrow.

I mean, it wasn't like I'd trained for the town and gown; my intention of doing so was soon forgotten when I got distracted by other things (tennis, PhD, the journal, friends, Matt...). But I was looking forward to the challenge. I was REALLY looking forward to it, to pushing myself to finish within a certain time, to just experiencing something I'd never done before. So regardless of how I feel on Sunday, I'd probably still take part, consequences be damned (unless I drop dead, that is). Since I'm gonna take part either way, I want it to be a good one - which means this cold needs to fuck off RIGHT NOW.

This started yesterday when I went for my longest run ever: 49 minutes and 26 seconds. Original plan was to do 45 minutes just to see how it felt, but I found that I wasn't that out of gas when I'd passed the 35-minute mark, so I just kept going until I felt like I was dying. I ran 8k-something. It was okay. I could probably meet the target timing of one hour assuming perfect health, etc. Point is, I was super sweaty and I sat around all sweaty for about an hour and a half, cooking and having lunch and watching The Good Place on Netflix (which is AWESOME), and after that, I felt a bit sick when I was at the law faculty.

This morning, I woke up with a sore throat.

Ugh. I should've done my practice run earlier. Or I should've...I don't know, changed out of my sweaty clothes immediately. What a bummer. Why is life so cruel and unfair?


I have other things to say but I am too tired and sick so I'll just leave it for another time.

Tags: running, sick

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