anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Great Day

Today has been an amazing swimming day, and I am now amazingly knackered. We went on a day trip to Hong Island, stopping by some random beaches along the way. I finally brought my goggles to the sea, and what a difference it makes, being able to open my eyes underwater. I swam so much and saw fishes and dead corals, and even dived a little. It was amazing.

The first beach was too shallow and rocky. The second had fishes so that was nice. The last one - Hong Island - was great. The barrier was a good distance away and it was of a suitable depth. The first time I dived in the sea, I underestimated the distance to the surface of the water and almost didn't make it past the surface before I ran out of breath. That was pretty scary (but not really). Subsequent attempts were much better, but I'm not that great at holding my breath so I couldn't really dive too deep. Still, it was great.

We came back at about 3, had some delicious Thai pancakes, and my dad told me that the beach by our hotel had filled up. So after 4 hours of swimming, I went to swim again for maybe 30 minutes.

I'm so knackered that my brain isn't working. I just wanted to say that today was amazing and my parents are awesome and life is beautiful, just beautiful.
Tags: parents, swimming, travel

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