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Okay, this has to be said:


Which means the cosmos have realigned themselves back to good (to quote Matchbox 20) and all is right with the universe, because I am scared and not optimistic. When I am not scared and optimistic, it means something is wrong. It means he's going to lose. So now I'm back to being scared shitless and worried and feeling like I'm going to puke whenever I think about his first match tomorrow, it means he's going to win.

Bleah, I wish I have access to the Kooyong matches. He beat Warinka something like 6-2, 6-1 or whatever and I just read that his forehand in that match was described as a "rocket". I'd feel much better if I can watch it, 'cause as it stands, the last time I saw him play this year was that fucking horrid Qatar Open match against Andy Murray. ARGH.

Anyway, instead of reading for tomorrow's Intelligence Law, I intelligently spent my time doing this new layout. It was of utmost importance because he plays his first match tomorrow and I don't have time to change my layout tomorrow so it HAD to be done today. IT HAD TO BE DONE.

Oh my god Roger cut his hair!!!! WHY ROGER WHYYY. Oh my god he looks so different! His hair was growing quite long which reminded me of his really long US Open 2008 hair which had me thinking it could bring him luck, but he had to go cut it! OMG.

Okay, so he's still drop dead gorgeous, but oh, I miss his luscious curly locks already.

And also, on an entirely superficial note, DAMMIT I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIS NEW OUTFIT!

Okay I have to go and do my readings now. It's damn a lot and I want to sleep at 1 so I'm going to have fun skimming, oh, 60 pages. Great. The things I keep doing to myself. Retarded.

Tags: australian open, roger federer, tennis

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