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today, i.

I went back to JJC today; still the same old run-down, dilapidated, spiritually-starved place. The electricity wasn't working or something and so there was no air-con at the cafe; hence, Mel and I split for the canteen, where I bought a bottle of Apple Tea. I started drinking it when I was preparing for the A Levels and I have since acquired the quirky taste.

I went to Jurong Point today with Simon/Mr Girl; it's pretty amazing to find a friend like him to whom one can talk and talk and talk for hours straight without feeling bored. I told him some stuff too, and he didn't totally get everything, but thanks for the effort at injecting some positivity into Cynical and Bitter Me anyway. He's going to be castrated (ie. enter NS) on the 8th; hence the meeting. My mom is somehow convinced that "he likes me", just because I hang out with him one-on-one. To that, I only have this response: Ew and get a life, Mom!

I went to Orchard with Mel today; met with our boss. Finally, after ten million painful years, I've finally got a job. I'm working (okay, it sounds funny but I'll just deal) as a promoter for this lady who owns a dogs' clothing boutique, and I'd be going all the way to Marine Parade on Saturday to do it. It was a toss-up between Kovan or whatever, which induced a 'what the fuck' response in me, and Marine Parade, where I spent most of the later part of my childhood at and where my grandmother lives, so I chose Marine Parade, even though it's at the other end of Singapore and it takes half an hour to get there by car. I hope you don't mind too much Mel; I didn't really give you a choice did I? And after that, we had a glorious dinner at NYDC. It was completely awesome. I've so missed my mushroom pasta; I so so so love it. It's brilliant. Needless to say, I was damn stuffed afterwards; didn't even order an elephantccino and I'm pretty appalled that I can't spell the word. I guess I'm not a genius after all (well, duh). I also bought Charles Dickens's "Great Expectations" from Borders 'cause Mel had a 20% discount coupon. Lovely. Julian Barnes's "The Lemon Table" is still hardcover and $41 and I'm still damn poor so I decided against it. Also, Bus 970 took twenty minutes to arrive. When I got home, my dad immediately went to sleep. I think he was waiting up for me. That's really nice.

The last part of this entry has been deleted.

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