anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

poem: the curse

The Curse

it's not too late to turn back now
erase the silence at the other end
redial, rewind, re-tell the tale
so that what's been said can be unsaid
i'd stuff the water back into the jug
before you slip and fall
you have no idea how many knives i find
in the drawer
at times like these
all flying out at me
aiming straight for where it hurts the most
and i could count them but i wouldn't
because it cheapens the feeling of you
keeping silent, at the other end of the line,
not saying a word, leading me
towards the edge of the cliff.

but i lied in the beginning:
it is too late to turn back now
the words hang in the air, spoken too soon, too loudly
and i could almost reach out,
grab each letter in my hand
and watch it float away, taking
this moment along with it, far far

a cacophonous orchestra of unwanted words
the glass is always half-empty
and this proves, once again
the truth that i've always known:
when i touch you, you turn to stone.

January 7, 2005

Tags: poems

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