anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

poem: sweet champagne masquerade

Sweet Champagne Masquerade

try to fathom why
even after you've shattered the fragile
glass that keeps my illusions from being brutally stolen from me
i still get the urge to take your
hand, just your hand

trace the curve of your fingers
skin on skin, empty air molecules in between,
barely significant enough to make a difference.

i sift my Fiction from my Fact
do it in broad daylight
away from the haunting melancholy of the face of the
moon at night
and you're next to me,
coaxing me along,
and the sliver of space between us
has never seemed so wide.

my Fiction is sifted from my Fact
now i even know the Truth
the way your bible paints my cathartic picture black.
you helped me shatter the glass, remember?
i should thank you
but the words are stuck in my throat.

it's no use anymore.
try to fathom why
i still think about you
relentlessly, just like old times,
taking me back to where it all began:
the third-floor window, Wednesday afternoon, your smile
a refrain that has been repeated one too many times
it's overkill now, you and i both know it.

(there's always a but)
rationality is not a factor;
we can talk economics all day long but
the truth will always remain:

it's Literature that will always matter
even if you're not the one
that will fill up the cavity
perpetually masquerading as my heart.

January 7, 2005

Tags: poems

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