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anomaly: a survey

I don't post surveys in here much anymore but since I am currently extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY bored with absolutely shit-all to do...what the hell. Got this from here.

1. You�re born. You�re given a name. If you had the option to go back in time and change your name to whatever you wanted, what would you name yourself?

I like my name. It's pretty and it's so me.

2. If you had the means to start a business, ANY business, what type of business would you establish? What would you name it?

You know what? I'm really not very business-inclined at all. I guess I'd do something like...something fashion related I guess. I don't know; fuck it.

3. What�s your view on online journaling?

Uh. I don't have a view on online journaling. Do it if you wanna. Not quite my business.

4. What is the one thing you�ve never heard said to you that you wish would be said?

Bwahahaha. You're talking to a girl with many talents here. No, just kidding. Honestly, there's nothing I want said to me that hasn't already been said; all vital grounds have been covered, ranging from looks (get it A LOT which gets really embarrassing) to my writing skills, or lack thereof as I fervently believe, but to each of his own and all. So, nothing.

5. What is your greatest accomplishment in life?

The 20/25 for the Econs prelim essay. Honestly, that was just phenomenal. I think it was even better than the 48/50 I got for a GP essay once, because I've always known that I wrote pretty good GP essays, but the same didn't apply to Econs. And I wrote that under EXAM CONDITIONS. So it was really cool. Of course, my answer to this question should change as the years go by, but for now, I'll just go with this.

6. What is your greatest defeat?

Not getting three As for the prelims. My Maths, perpetually mired in shit, no matter what I did. And...yep. And JJC, of course. Duh.

7. Who was your favorite Monkee?

Uh what the fuck?

8. If you could have grown up with any family, other than the one you did, which family would you have been raised with? (And if anyone says Michael Jackson�s, I�ll kick your ass personally.)

Why would I choose another family when I love my own? The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

9. Tell a complete story in five sentences.

18 years ago, a girl was born. She grew up. 18 years later, she became a bitch. Now she's predicting that she'd kill herself when she turns 40 because she's inherently insane. The end.

10. If you could spend one single day in the company of your exact clone, what would you do with and/or say to yourself?

Tidy up my room, work for me, and get cute guys' numbers. Right.

11. What is one of your �some day� goals? (I.e. some day I will�)

Someday, I will direct a film and have it go to Cannes. Wahoo. And do it in Chinese too.

12. Why are you filling out this survey?

Like I've said, because I'm freaking bored and I have nothing to do but wait for dinner to be cooked. I'm really hungry too.

13. List the first three words that come to your mind.

Jielun. Rice. Banana.

14. State one fact that hardly anyone knows about you.

Um. My parents are cousins. Yep. But I think many people know this already.

15. State one fact that everyone in the world knows about you.

Easy: I'm a genius, hear me roar.

16. What is the one thing you�ve always wanted to say to a certain person, but haven�t? Who is that person?

All that needed to be said...had been said. Well, kinda. I mean, it's really not all that important; it's gonna go away anyway. But it felt important then and I tried to say the things that I've been wanting to say for practically the whole of last year, and it went okay, so I guess it's all good. As for the question of who it is...that's not important.

17. What one online journaller do you look up to and admire the most? Why?

Uh, I don't really...I think jomelchaton is really cool though. I don't know why, exactly; she was the first person to come to mind. I like the way she writes, first of all; second of all, she leaves me really nice and thoughtful guestbook messages; third of all, she's a lawyer and hence, very smart; and last of all...there isn't a last of all. That's just it.

18. Can you honestly, beyond a doubt, state that you journal online without any censorship or concern as to who is reading the details of your mind?

Um. I think it's very obvious by now that I leave out many details when I talk about this thing that I've been talking about quite often recently. See? I'm doing it again. It'll be nice to be totally honest and to even name the person, but I don't want to because people who know me in real life do read this from time to time, which can be a pain in the ass; I don't exactly want my private thoughts to be known to people whom I don't think deserve to know. You know? Besides, in the long run, it's really quite unimportant, so it doesn't matter.

19. What is one sexual position/experience/situation that you�ve always wanted to try, but haven�t? Why haven�t you?

Basically, just sex. Real sex. None of that oral/masturbation crap. I haven't for a few reasons: 1) I'm currently not interested; 2) I haven't found the person to whom I'm willing to lose my technical virginity, which is actually a lie because I do have someone in mind but it's not mutual; and 3) it'd be too fucking heavy on the conscience. The shit that I did in 2002 were more than enough guilt to last me a lifetime. So. Yep.

20. How do you feel about people who write about their sex lives in intricate detail in their journals?

I don't feel anything about it. Once again, do whatever you wanna.

21. What is your favourite animal to visit at the zoo?

I hardly go to the zoo. I guess the llamas; they're adorable.

22. What is one scenario that you�ve never been in, but would love to construct?

Okay, where do I start?

23. What pet have you never had, but always wanted?

A tiger! I want a tiger! I love tigers; they're such lovely creatures. Just like me. Bwahahaha.

24. What is the one area on your body that you ache to have touched, but it seldom gets any attention?

People have such urges? That's interesting.

25. What is one of your worst memories from childhood?

Um, nothing really comes to mind, to be honest.

Teen years?

Still living it. I have a few bad memories, but the worst one was those of June 19, 2002. (Refer to the entry if you're curious; I'm too lazy to link to it.) It only deteriorated and rotted on hindsight, to be honest. The moment itself was...I guess I'd say exhilarating, both good and bad. So, yeah.

Adult years?

I don't really want them to arrive.

26. What is the most vivid memory from childhood?

This one time, in Taipei, I was out with my parents and I was drinking a cup of Coke from McDonalds'. Somehow or other, I was whining for another cup of Coke or something, and my folks bought me a canned one. But I wanted Coke from McDonalds' and Coke from McDonalds', no more, no less, so I started whining and shit, like a typical kid, which only intensified the argument that my folks were having. So what happened was, we were walking along the streets, I was kicking up a fuss, and my dad was walking in front of my mom and I; next thing I knew, my mom threw the can of Coke at my dad's legs, and a few drops of Coke landed on his trousers. That was many years ago, but even today, I can still see the imprints the Coke made on his trousers, as if it happened only moments ago.

And no, it's not a very pleasant memory, but it's my most vivid from childhood. Don't ask me why.

From Teen years

This: June 19, 2002. A lot, actually.

From Adulthood


27. What is your idea of heaven? Hell?

Okay, I don't know.

28. If you were asked to be on any of the �dating� shows, such as Blind Date, Change of Heart, Star Dates, etc. would you do it? Write the script for your introductory profile.

Uh, no. How cheap. Introductory profile? "18, female, single and not looking so you can just throw this away."

29. If you could be on any reality television show, such as Survivor, The Bachelor, The Real World, Big Brother, etc., which one would you chose and why?

America's Next Top Model. Bwahahaha. Actually, I'd prefer The Apprentice. It suits me more.

30. If you could add any question on to this survey, what would it be?

None; this survey is perfect.

31. Name the dream trip you'd like to take and why?

Right now, the one place that I have to go to is China. Why? It's obvious, isn't it? I'm a Chinese chauvinist (with bad Chinese). Where do Chinese people come from? China. Tiananmen Square; I wanna see it for myself. And Shanghai, too. I have to go to Shanghai.

32. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Just yesterday, I was a bit paranoid and...okay, nevermind. It's not important.

33. How would you like to be remembered?

As a genius. Thank you.

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