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employment woes.

I am so bored that I think I could die.

I could always continue writing that pointless RuMit fic (okay, I can't get enough of it and I like my Rukawa submissive and subservient so shoot me) but I'm used to writing only after 12 midnight, which isn't a very good idea; I have to sleep early tonight so that I wouldn't be late for work tomorrow. It's at 12; it's at Marine Parade; it's my first bloody day. All these add up to: I have to be early just in case...I don't know what either, but.

12 noon. God, I wake up at 12 noon. And to be frank, I'm freaking scared. I know for a fact that I'm going to fuck up tomorrow; probably raise my left brow in true 'what the bleeding fuck' fashion when a customer asks me what size should his [insert weird dog breed name] wear, and worse still, ask retardedly, "How does your dog look like, sir?"

Oh jeez, I can't do this. I can't do the 'hi can I help you' shit because the answer is NO, YOU CAN'T. I mean...argh! And the pay has just become measley. I only told the woman that I was okay with the change in wages because I wasn't quick enough to deduce that $5.5 an hour for 7 hours adds up only to like, $38, which is a far cry from the $50 per day that Mel and I were supposed to get.

The bright side of the picture is that I'd be at somewhere familiar, although it's at the other end of Singapore for me. And I could so hang out at Parkway after that, get dinner at Mos Burger, shop at Mango, the works. And I'm extremely tempted to buy a hamster after playing with Mel's'd be nice to have one in my room that I can disturb every night. Haha.

Actually, I think it'd be the other way round. When I had hamsters, they tended to run around in the wheel at night when people are sleeping and it was quite noisy, truth be told. But still, I really want a hamster!

Then again, when I think of the smell and the cleaning and things along those lines...nah. Forget it; I'm too lazy to do owner-ish duties.

Back to freaking out at the thought of working tomorrow. It's gonna be really weird, especially since the mere notion of me working is just...weird. I don't know. I think I'd rather go to school, but without the shitty A Level stress and pressure.

You know what would be the perfect job? Something really stupid, like getting paid six bucks an hour for typing. Typing, yes, like what I'm doing now. And I type really fast and really accurately so it'd be just perfect.

Oh, and dad has gone anal over the art model thing, which means that I probably wouldn't be able to do it, but you know what, I'm tired of this shit so fuck it, I'm just going to go in for a day (ie. three hours) and get the $48 and go shopping with it. He was like, "I insist that you're not to do this job" (in Chinese, of course), which is just really irritating. I haven't spoken to him the whole day, save for over the phone when I called home from Mel's place, and even then I was quite rude. But it's just preposterous, really. Nobody's gonna ask me to pose nude because everyone would run away in fright at the sight of my naked body (seriously), but more importantly, my cousin was the one that posed the idea to me, not some random stranger on the road. Jeez.

I was intending to earn enough money to buy my own Chinese New Year clothes but looking at my current financial situation right now, I think that's virtually impossible.

I hope to hell that Borders comes through for me in February. Wages would probably be pathetic but I really wanna work there, for reasons even I myself don't know. Should I do relief teaching? It's gonna be so boring, just like going to school all over again. Bleah. I mean, I did say that I'd rather go to school than to work, but there is a major difference between going to school as a student and going to school because your job necessitates that you do, you know?

I should probably be doing some homework now, ie. look through this Giant Book of the Dog my mom gave me for one of my birthdays. But...I'm too lazy, to be honest.

And I'm hungry. I think I'll go make myself some instant noodles. I've been eating a lot lately and I haven't started swimming 'cause it's always raining and cold, and I've forgotten about my nightly sit-ups, so this is pretty bad.

But fuck it, I'm hungry. I'm going to eat.

Oh, and JJC fucking sucks. Maybe I should go straight to the principal to ask about relief teaching/other no-brainer things to do in school for about a month, to fill in the time between now and next month when I get a real answer from Borders. Fuck man. I asked the woman in the general office, and talk about a severe lack of information. "Is the school still hiring relief teachers?" "No." "What about other stuff, like typing?" "Uh, no." "LIBRARIAN?!" "No."

Fuck! This is how you treat the top arts/GP student?! Screw you! Thanks for the help, really. I can always rely on my stupid alma mater in times of need. Ugh.

Okay, now I'm going to eat for real. I'm getting even fatter. Sigh.

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