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my eyes hurt.

This is the most hilarious/depressing/offensive/idiotic shit I've seen in recent times. Just see for yourself and you'll understand why.

It's sad. It's even worse when such people are under the pathetic illusion that doing such crap can help them improve their atrocious General Paper grade. It's not the idea of a "GP blog", even though the phrase itself is enough to make me laugh; but then again, I accept that not everyone is as smart and genius as me (bwahahaha), so yeah, definitely, some people really need it.

But what the fuck is the fucking point when they insist on butchering English anyway? Check out the extraneous and irrelevant use of the three fucking dots! Oh my god, I cannot stress enough how irritated it makes me when I see it everywhere, in the most inappropriate places! Why do Singaporeans do things like that?! Why?! Pray tell, really, for I'm practically dying to know. It's one...idiosyncracy (and I'm being polite by calling it that) which I'd NEVER, EVER, EVER understand, not even if I died trying.

People are so stupid, and I think it's only going to get worse. Everything's only going to get worse, as a matter of fact, but I don't feel like talking about that right now.

So yesterday. My first time in 18 years. Working.

Frankly, I think it was horrible. Sales is not my type of thing; I've a confirmation on that. Eight hours sitting outside the pet shop, and I sold a pathetic five packages. Ugh. It was bad. It was boring. I didn't have a dog to play with. It's really quite torturous when you have nothing to do, or you have something to do but you don't know how to do it, exactly. You know?

I found an ad in the Recruit section of TST today, put up by an editorial company who does things for other companies, one of them being writing. So I was like, "Hey, getting paid to write is pretty cool!" and hence I dropped them an email.

That was two hours ago, and I got a reply almost immediately. Long story (well, not quite, but the phrase is convenient) cut short, they pulled that resume shit on me again, and they asked me to provide two sample writings.

Right. Sample writings. Let's see...I have about a few hundred bad poems to choose from, twenty-two Slam Dunk fanfiction, some short-story crap I wrote in secondary school, and a bunch of useless General Paper essays. I guess I could toss in my History/Economics essays, but those don't really reflect upon my writing abilities, or lack thereof, as I choose to believe. In other words, none of which, I'm sure, are relevant. And since my best GP essay, the 48/50 one, is about six pages long, it'd take me ten years and then some to type the damn thing up.

Ugh, how annoying. The person would probably mentally go, "What a joke" when it's revealed that I'm a fresh A Level student waiting for her results.

But still, I believe that my command of English is better than 99% of the people out there. Seriously. In fact, I think I have better English than some GP teachers in my school, no shit. Just listen to some of them talk and you'll know why. But how do you convince people that you can write whatever they ask of you if you don't have anything to prove it? I can't possibly say, "Well, I'm actually 18 right now and waiting to enter university in July, and well, I don't have any past experiences writing for companies (or whatever the hell it is), but trust me when I say that I'm REALLY GOOD and that I can write ANYTHING", can I? Obviously not.

Sigh. They even asked for my fees. RIGHT. Like I'd know, you know? If it were entirely up to me (it's never entirely up to you), I'd go like, "Right, US$500 per word, please, since they're words of a genius."

Bwahaha. The excessive egotism is brought about by an excessive hunger. I guess my folks are right: Mos Burger doesn't really fill you up. I'm just joking...well, for the most part, that is. As in, I do think that I can write anything, but if we're talking about writing well, then it's a whole different story altogether.

Anyway, in other news, I had lunch and a nice chat with Ben at Mos Burger (West Mall) today. It was lovely. He'd be someone to miss, for sure. Happy flying back to New Zealand tomorrow, dude. I hope you'd get to watch Love Actually Uncut on the plane. Haha.

Just a short social commentary: The nation-wide one minute of silence thing, for the tsunami victims or whatever, was the stupidest thing ever, I swear. I guess this only goes to prove how very cynical and jaded and bitter I am, but think about it: what the hell is the point? In fact, the whole one puny minute of silence thing is just...ridiculous. It's just completely pointless, if you want my honest opinion. It's like, "Right, for one minute, I'm grieving for the lives that were lost, but the next minute, I'm celebrating my own ultimately worthless one and I'm totally forgetting about the lives that were lost."

Such things only reek of pompousness and self-importance. Let's stop being deluded, okay? We're not compassionate; we're only pretending to be so because it's convenient. I'd be the first to admit that I hardly think about the tsunami business at all. Why should I? Nobody I know was involved. Yes, I felt sad when I was reading the report in Time magazine, but that's about it.

Well, whatever. I'm too hungry to go on anymore. I just think that...

Oh, screw it. What does it matter.

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