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i hate short descriptions.

After looking through the course outline of Cambridge's Literature programme, I got a strong, almost irrepressible urge to put aside my hatred for the university that stemmed from my immense abhorrence for its stupid A Level exams, and apply.

I think I'm too late though. If I'm not mistaken, the deadline for applications to UK universities is January 15; I haven't found the real deadline on the site yet. Today is January 12. And I still don't know what I want to do.

And look! Typical offer: AAA/AAB. Are you kidding? I only got ABB for the prelims, for crying out loud, and I have a bad feeling that my A Level results wouldn't surpass that. I already know that I have bombed my GP, so the rest should follow suit.

(This is pretty stupid, but I didn't know that Imperial College doesn't have arts/humanities courses. I just liked the sound of it; I'm such a genius.)

But you know what? I don't remember ever reading through a university course outline in full, let alone getting excited by what I was reading. I checked out Oxford and I was like, "...Right." They plant Economics together with Management, and Management just sounds incredibly boring and dull (Modern History and Economics sounds terribly interesting though).

I so feel like going to Cambridge now. What an amazing three-hundred-and-sixty degree turn from my declarations of "I fucking hate Cambridge and I'd die before I set foot in it" only a couple of months back! Talk about not counting one's eggs before they're hatched.

But hey, just because I feel like doing something, doesn't necessarily mean that I'd really get to do it. It is Cambridge we're talking about after all, not the National University of Singapore. Hello? Ivy League and everything? Places I can only imagine that I'm going to? Just checking that we're still on the right frequency.

Sigh. Guess I'm really stuck in Singapore after all. If I don't get to do double majors, life would definitely cease to have any meaning for me. Lit and Econs. How cool. Right.

In other news, this current layout that you see features my first time tampering with an image using Adobe Photoshop; I downloaded the trial version as I haven't made enough money to buy the software. As you can see for yourself, the attempt was awful. I spent one afternoon playing around with it but I had no idea what I was doing and I still have no idea how the blasted thing works. I mean, what the hell is a 'linear dodge', you know? (It's pretty cool though; makes your text blend into the background with only its outer glow making its presence known.)

And you know what else? While I was trying to change the layout, I lost the entire thing and I had to painstakingly re-code it, which was surprisingly fast, but still, the first version was so much nicer than this one. I forgot what background colour I used, what link colour I used, which is understandable as I don't exactly fancy remembering such cumbersome stuff, but yes. So how did I lose the layout? Frankly, I don't know. One minute I was copying the old one onto EditPad Lite, and the next, it asked me whether I wanted to save changes to 'version16.html'; I clicked 'yes', loaded my journal on IE, and discovered, to my horror, that it hadn't changed at all! Frantically, I opened up EditPad Lite again and opened 'version16.html'. To my ABSOLUTE horror, I saw this: < title > o.d.c v15: melancholia (feat. jay chou) < /title>

The whole thing was gone. I was so pissed off that I almost hurled the laptop out of the window. Luckily the re-coding was done pretty quickly, in about ten, fifteen minutes, or else I'd just...die.

In yet another news, I finally caught Kung Fu Hustle with my mom, after whining about how she promised to watch with me but hadn't made any indications that she wanted to. I guess my whinings got on her last nerve. But yeah, it was awesome. I don't really understand the whole Bruce Lee thing but I loved how Chinese it was. The ending was rather diluted compared to how energetic and crazy the first half was, but it didn't remotely spoil the film. I guess I expected it to end with a bang, rather than a wistful dash of optimism in the form of the childhood version of Stephen Chow's character extending his hand to the childhood version of the mute girl whom he stood up for when they were kids.

Wait, what am I saying? That bit involving the childhood version of the two characters, I really loved. It's like Stephen Chow's character (I didn't catch his name) has come full circle, and he's finally grown into a complete human being, shedding his stint as a killer-wannabe for good. It was nice. And Stephen Chow's love for Bruce Lee/gongfu was so brilliantly presented, in the form of some highly exaggerated gongfu moves, Matrix-style, showing that the gongfu culture is truly larger than life.

This film has made me respect Stephen Chow. Before, I thought he was quite idiotic, actually, since many of his movies were really stupid. But this one is just absolutely amazing. Anyone who's seen it can certainly feel his hard work and passion and his labour of love; I really enjoyed it.

And well, duh, it was fucking funny too. That Axe Gang dance segment was just...hahahahaha! The corniest/funniest shit ever!

Okay, I have more important things to do than to continue writing this entry so this shall be it.

Parting shot: Uh...I love myself.

Edit: Right. I just found out that the deadline for application to Cambridge is 15 October, 2004. What was I doing in October? Whining about my prelims, that's what.

Yep. I'm stuck in Singapore.

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