anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Sometimes, this PhD thing is actually kind of fun.

I deal with the boredom that is sometimes inherent in writing my PhD by writing my chapters in a more interesting fashion. Ever since I started this PhD, I have always hated writing about what the government does or says or thinks. I'm now writing the first (doctrinal) chapter of the PhD and I'm at the part where I set out the backdrop of Singapore's communitarian approach to rights: the 1991 White Paper on Shared Values. It is a pain to write because of how banal it is, and how overstated (in my mind anyway) the problems of 'individualism' were.

This paragraph, right here, that I have just written, is definitely me taking the piss:

The Singapore government could not sit by and watch as these social vagaries, already spreading in the US, began to take root in Singapore. In order to arrest Singapore’s ‘Westernisation’ and stem the tide of an anti-social and selfish individualism that seemingly threatened to swallow Singapore whole, the government proposed grounding Singapore society in a set of anti-Western, Asian-inspired, communitarian values.

I'll probably have to rewrite that bit but it was fun while the piss-taking lasted.
Tags: phd, singapore

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