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Fun Night

Milhan's birthday dinner/party last night was crazy. Dinner itself was tame enough, though I was unceremoniously 15 minutes late and made everyone wait for my arrival before dinner could start. I was just so tired after two hours of (pretty solid) tennis that I had trouble getting dressed on time. It didn't help either that it'd been raining rather heavily for a while before I headed out, so the pavement was wet and I couldn't walk fast for fear of slipping. My faux pas aside, dinner was pleasant, even if I spent the first third listening to the carnivores around me talking about their favourite meats and what pigeon, rabbit, ostrich etc tasted like. The food was pretty good too, but the portions were way too big. I'm usually someone who finishes my food, but last night, my starter was this huge bowl of tomato soup that could have been a main, and the main was a huge plate of spinach ravioli atop a mushroom ragout. Essentially, then, I had two mains. I ended up eating only half of each.

Milhan also made a very sweet speech which was lovely. We said, 'Aww, that's so sweet!' He replied, 'I know.' He is hilarious.

We went to Novi after this, where I spent a lot of time talking to Ivan and Patrick. Then we went to Spoons. I failed to convince Ivan to stay, but Patrick stayed, and so it was him, me, Kaara, Luiza, Milhan, Milhan's friend from Sri Lanka, and a girl that knew Luiza whom I didn't know.

As a general matter, Spoons is gross; but it's also free. The latter probably contributes a lot to the former. It's rough, it's dodgy, it's full of strange people, the floor is sticky with spilt beer and other assorted alcohol, and someone spilled his beer on me. Despite drinking quite a bit (wine and prosecco over dinner, two G&Ts at Novi, two shots of tequila and a G&T at Spoons), I didn't feel drunk at all, but managed to shake off my usual Asian awkwardness and had fun.

I got into bed at 4am. I got out of bed at 12.30pm. Despite not being drunk, I've been feeling rather hungover the whole day. More importantly, I have been feeling like a fucking whale. So: no alcohol until my trip to Nice on 2 September. This beach body needs to be ready, dammit, for it is currently non-existent.


This entry sucks but I have a headache so I will leave it at that.
Tags: drinking, friends

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