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I suddenly find myself swarmed with non-PhD work: a draft law syllabus for a summer school that I will be paid for (though honestly, not enough) and editorial work for the journal. I left the library past 8pm yesterday; bright side was, I got to see the sunset. I foresee myself leaving around the same time today, so I came prepared with a Pret posh cheddar baguette.

The point of this entry is: GODDAMMIT, STOP USING THE PASSIVE VOICE. This is good reminder to myself, too. Academic writing, at least in my mind, appears to be inherently stilted and clunky, so I frequently find myself using the passive voice without quite realising it until I re-read whatever I have written at a much later date and find myself cringing my face off. In any event, when someone else does it, I definitely notice it and it makes me think things like, 'How can anyone write like this?'

Answer? Academia. Along with the unconscionable use of end notes, the unnecessary use of the passive voice (no, the irony of this sentence is not lost on me) is one of the few/many (depending on my mood) things that annoy me about academia.

Also, I spotted a run-on sentence in a quotation. I had half a mind to email my editors to ask if they checked the quotation against the source, but decided against it and figured that it was probably some British person who wrote that sentence. (Do not get me started on the British obsession with the comma splice. It drives me insane. I was reading this document sent to me by some summer school, an overview of the law syllabus, and I honestly felt like emailing the person and offering my editorial services for a small fee of 50 quid. What do people not understand about the comma? How can the land of English--England--get the comma wrong so frequently and even publicly? I have lost count of the number of times I have seen the comma splice in huge-ass billboards, assaulting my grammatical senses, as I wait at a Tube station for the train to arrive.)

Well. That was one very long parenthetical comment that turned into a rather long rant. Anyway, I should get back to work.

Oh, and finally, someone is paying me for my editorial skills. John said I should ask for more money given my rather extensive editorial experience... I will think about it. I feel embarrassed to do so but I will see how much work this book is going to require.
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